Sales Transformation
for B2B complex selling teams

Transform your team into a predictable, revenue-generating sales engine

Together with our partners at the Sales MEDDIC group and GrowthPlay, we offer sales workshops that enable you to:

  • Improve your sales performance & growth
  • Get your sales reps productive faster
  • Improve your profitability
  • Increase your win rate and deliver a more accurate forecast

Based on extensive experience transforming sales teams, these workshops are a proven way to deliver results.

MEDDIC Sales Qualification Workshop

The Problem: When there is no “common language” for discussing & qualifying opportunities, sales managers end up spending between 15-20 minutes (or more) per opportunity in reviews. That adds up to 12-15 hours per week – time you can’t afford to lose.

The Training: We will enable your sales reps and managers to use a common language for sales qualification, based on MEDDIC, the #1 methodology for B2B complex selling.

The Outcome: Double digit sales performance improvement. Sales and supporting teams will dramatically cut down time & effort on opportunity review sessions. They’ll quickly identify the blind spots and drive the right activity at the right time.

Duration: 4 hours

Identify & Develop Value Drivers

The Problem: Too many sales teams sell with a product-first mentality, rather than a customer-oriented, consultative selling approach. Transforming this habit requires deep insight on the value of the product and the customer’s pain.

The Training: We will work with your marketing, sales and technical teams to develop these value drivers. That way your sales team can win customer interest without features and functions.

The Outcome:  Your sales team will learn to articulate on customer pain points and lead with industry proof points towards next steps.

Duration: 2 days onsite workshop, 1-3 days remote preparation

Building a Structured Sales Process

The Problem: Best practices of driving deals to closure are often left to the tribal knowledge of a few individuals. That’s why fast growing companies, highly competitive environments or sales teams with high turnover struggle to scale and deliver predictable sales results.

The Training: We’ll help you build a repeatable sales process based on your company’s best practices along with industry best practices. We’ll also help you create an accurate measurable, and evidence-based forecasts based on this new process.

The Outcome: Using your tailored sales qualification process, your team will qualify their leads and opportunities more effectively throughout the sales cycle – leading to an increased close rate and shortened sales cycles.

Duration: 2 days onsite

In-Field Coaching

The Problem: Without regular, on-the-field coaching, salespeople take 4x as long to effectively apply any new process. And any spreadsheets and documents needed to track the sales process and qualification often end up empty or outdated.

The Solution: Our sales experts will support and coach your sales managers on a regular basis. Based on real-life scenarios, we will coach them on how to enable their sales teams, handle objections and drive adoption. This is ideally tracked with the MEDDIC Opportunity Manager on Salesforce to allow transparent, fact-based inspection.

The Outcome: Through our ‘Train-the-Managers’ approach, your sales process adoption rate will dramatically increase and drive a quicker ROI.

Duration: Subscription package customized to your needs

Want to transform your sales team’s performance?