iSEEit Sales Workshops
for B2B Complex Selling Teams

We at iSEEit in cooperation with our partner Sales MEDDIC Group have extensive experience in supporting sales teams transformation to create an engine for predictive revenue.

We offer tailored sales workshops for B2B Complex Sales teams, who

Want to scale fast, increase the win rate, have a high churn rate of sales peoplew or you want to deliver on a more accurate forecast

MEDDIC Sales Qualification WS

The problem: Sales managers spend between 15-20 min per opportunity reviewing it adding up to 12-15 hours a week, which leads to less reviewed opportunities.

We will enable your sales reps and managers on a common sales qualification methodology, based on MEDDIC, the #1 methodology for B2B complex selling.

Onsite/Remote: 1 day

Benefit: Your sales team and supporting teams will dramatically cut down time & efforts on opportunity review sessions, identify the blind spots and drive corrective actions.

Identify & develop value drivers

The problem: Transforming sales teams from product and feature based selling to customer oriented consultative selling approach needs deep insight on value of product and customer pain.

We will work with your Marketing, Sales and Technical team to develop this value drivers allowing your sales team to win customer interest without features and functions.

3 days: 2 days Workshop – onsite, 1-3 days preparation remote

Benefit:  Your Sales team will be able to articulate on customer pain points on lead with industry proof points towards next steps.

Build a structured sales process

The problem: Best practices of driving deals to closure is very often left tribal knowledge of a few individuals. Therefore fast growing companies, highly competitive environments or sales teams with high turnover struggle to scale and deliver predictive sales results.

Based on your companies best practices driving sales campaigns paired with industry best practices, we will build a repeatable sales process resulting into measureable evidence based accurate forecasting.

Duration: 2 days onsite

Benefit: Your sales team will receive a tailored sales qualification process, that will enable them to qualify their leads and opportunities through out the sales cycle, increase the close rate and cut down sales cycles.

In field coaching

The problem: Sales people forget around 80% of the content just 30 days after a class-room training, if not enforced & coached on back in the field.

Our sales experts with will support and coach your sales managers on a regular basis. Based on real live scenarios we will coach them on how to enable their sales teams, handle objection and drive adoption.

Remote/Onsite: Subscription package

Benefit: Through our train the managers approach, the adoption rate will dramatically increase and drive a quicker ROI.

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