Is the tool fully configurable to reflect my company’s best practices?

Yes. iSEEit was designed to empower you to follow your sales process and best practices on Salesforce. While it comes with MEDDIC out-of-the box, iSEEit offers you the flexibility to completely configure the qualifiers and checkpoints with a variety of data types such as free text, dates, contact tagging and pick lists.

How will my company’s data be stored and will iSEEit have access to my company’s data?

As iSEEit is a native Salesforce app, all data is stored within Salesforce. All data is secured by Salesforce SSO and the permission rights for respective users. iSEEit will not have access to your data. You may choose to grant access to iSEEit specialists for a limited period for setup and configuration purposes.

What does the implementation process look like?

Our team will send you a configuration spreadsheet for you to edit and fill out. This spreadsheet will serve as the configuration file during the installation. After that, iSEEit will be installed as a managed package on your Salesforce instance via an AppExchange link.

Do I have to use the MEDDIC/MEDDPICC sales methodology?

No. Although iSEEit comes with MEDDIC/MEDDPICC out-of-the-box, it can be configured to any sales methodology you use (eg. The Challenger Sale, Solution Selling, IMPACT or your own methodology)

Does iSEEit work on any other CRM?

iSEEit only supports Salesforce at this point.

Will I have access to 24/7 support?

iSEEit offers comprehensive support via email with SLAs based on the severity of issues.

Will a training session be provided after installation?

End-user and admin training is included if the Full-Service Tier for onboarding is selected. Sales methodology training can be requested separately and will be conducted by one of our training partners at an additional cost.

Can iSEEit integrate with other Salesforce apps?

iSEEit uses native Salesforce functions and custom objects. Therefore, any 3rd party application that works with these components can also be easily integrated.

Is iSEEit a good solution for both enterprises and SMBs?

Yes. iSEEit is ideal for Enterprise, Medium and Small businesses.

What is the difference between a full-time license and a read-only license?

Full-time licenses are for users who work extensively on iSEEit and engage in activities like data entry and sales campaign planning. These profiles typically include sales representatives, their managers and administrators. Read-only licenses are for users who primarily read the data and occasionally add information. These profiles typically include executives or sales-supporting personnel.

Is there a pilot?

Yes, it’s possible to run an iSEEit-led pilot. The pilot will be supported by dedicated managers.