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iSEEit Opportunity Management  

iSEEit Opportunity Management

Qualify more effectively, increase your sales process
adoption rate, and close more deals with
iSEEit on Salesforce.com

Qualify more effectively and close more deals
with iSEEit on Salesforce.com


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“iSEEit allows the Sales leadership team quick visibility into an opportunity to align conversations and forecasts. This tool is one of the drivers for our weekly forecast calls and keeps everyone focused on the key elements needed to close a transaction on a timely basis.”

Brian WrightDirector Sales Operations, Topia

“iSEEit makes it easy for our reps to understand where their deals stand and what needs to be accomplished. Plus, our managers have the visibility they need to quickly identify risky deals and deliver a more accurate forecast.”

Cedric PechSVP Worldwide Sales, Fuze

Opportunity Qualification Process

  • Structured Sales Process following
  • Fully customizable
  • Boost sales performance

Sales Process visualized

MEDDIC Sales Process

Details of the Qualifier

MEDDIC Checklist


Visual reporting

Visual reporting

Deal Review

Deal review

Insightful reporting

  • Evidence-based forecasting
  • Identifying gaps early in the sales cycle
  • Tracking progress to reduce deals from slipping

Relationship mapping

  • Visualize the buying circle
  • Understanding their roles and motivations
  • Making sure that sales is talking to the right people

Org chart

Org chart

Contact card

Contact card org chart


Sales Playbook included

Sales Playbook

Accessible at hand

Sales Playbook quick access

Sales Playbook

  • Tutorials based on best practices
  • Adaptable Out-of-the-box MEDDIC content
  • ROI on Sales Training

Start driving more sales today

Easily manage your entire sales process – from one place – with iSEEit’s opportunity manager.