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Venatas Sales Performance Institute

Venatas helps you get the most out of MEDDIC whether you are launching the methodology and the iSEEit application from scratch or are already using it and want to drive higher confidence, broader adoption, and more consistent results. Our training, workshops, and optimization services are customized to your specific environment and goals to help you drive the revenue results you require. We can also up-level your sales talent through our Key Skills for the Winning Moments program that truly unlocks the magic of MEDDIC in action.


Sales MEDDIC Group

Sales MEDDIC Group provides MEDDIC sales methodology based workshops: Foundation, Sales Manager inspection, Sales process, and Value messaging. They operationalize MEDDIC in with a MEDDIC app. They will teach your sellers the MEDDIC sales qualification methodology for today’s enterprise sales environment. You will have a “common language” to discuss opportunities in the forecast. We focus on “how to” apply MEDDIC.


MEDDIC Academy

MEDDIC Academy is the first online sales academy focused on Enterprise Sales Qualification, with on-demand mini courses, VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training), virtual workshops, and even in-person training sessions, for SDRs, BDRs, AEs, CSMs and sales managers, all built around MEDDIC and MEDDPICC methodologies.

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With the iSEEit Opportunity Management Tool, your clients will be able to seamlessly scale their sales teams and improve their close rate.