About iSEEit

The Story of iSEEit

iSEEit is an Austrian/US based Startup, founded in 2014 by
3 Sales Managers who wanted to improve the way sales teams were operating out in the field.

Being a seasoned sales professional, our founder and CEO, Rizan Flenner, is well versed in the field of Enterprise Sales. Starting out as a Sales Rep and then working his way up to becoming a Sales Leader, he’s had many opportunities to work for the world’s most innovative companies who offer state-of-the-art software to clients such as CA Technologies, Dynatrace, Mercury interactive, BMC, and MongoDB.

However, he quickly realized that when it came to the tools and CRM software that were given to sales teams, they were not built with salespeople in mind and did not give them the information needed to run effective sales campaigns to close deals.

While he’s worked extensively with sales methodologies such as MEDDIC, Spin Selling and Solution Selling, they were not seamlessly integrated into CRM systems. He couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a tool out there that could support the endeavors of Sales Teams, which was easy to use at the same time.

Finally in 2014, Rizan together with 2 other sales leaders – Pierre (the tech expert) and Martin (Mr. Finance) set out to build their own tool for salespeople and founded iSEEit, which would enable Enterprise sales teams to close their deals faster.