iSEEit Opportunity Management Tool

Visualize any sales process (eg. MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, SPIN Selling, etc.)
100% Native in Salesforce

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Let us demonstrate how iSEEit can help you to :

  • Create accurate forecasts you can rely on
  • Get the visibility you need to close more deals
  • Qualify your deals 3X as quickly
  • Increase your sales process adoption rate (compatible with any sales process and methodology)
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“Using the MEDDIC sales methodology within iSEEit, which is integrated into our Salesforce platform, really gives the entire organization no matter where they’re sat geographically, a standardized approach.”

Brendan WalshExecutive Vice President of Sales, Mirakl

“iSEEit gives both sales reps and sales leaders the ability to call their deals with confidence.”

Alex de MocskonyiSenior Sales Operations Manager, TrustRadius

“iSEEit has completely shifted my perspective of entering data into Salesforce. I put it in because it helps me make sense of it and understand where I’m at and how I’m going to close this deal.”

Lesia KalleyEnterprise Account Director, Acrolinx

“We build an operating rhythm to follow MEDDIC in SFDC using iSEEit. It helps the sales team to verify what they know about their opportunities so far and helps them to identify what information they still need to close the deal. iSEEit ensures we follow the best practices to successfully close deals.”

Asher BenbenistyDirector of Product Marketing, AlgoSec

“iSEEit helps to visually get an aggregate of different criteria important to a deal and thereby act on a combination of data to help close this deal.  Along with increasing efficiency within the team, it also helps to coach your team and reinforce your best practises to build and scale your business.”

Ian GilbertChief Revenue Officer, GuideSpark

“iSEEit immediately gives me the details I need to assess a prospective deal. This allows the rep and I to be aligned on every deal more quickly, creating more time for coaching and strategizing 

Jill ChiaraChief Revenue Officer, MetaCX