"iSEEit is the first tool we open in the morning
and the last tool we close at the end of the day."

- Bartek Niwinski
Sales Director

Helping companies around the world drive more sales

iSEEit users come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common?
They have better visibility into their opportunities now that they’re using iSEEit.

Cedric Pech

“iSEEit makes it easy for our reps to understand where their deals stand and what needs to be accomplished. Plus, our managers have the visibility they need to quickly identify risky deals and deliver a more accurate forecast.”

Cedric PechSVP Worldwide Sales, Fuze
Brian Wright

iSeeIT allows the Sales leadership team quick visibility into an opportunity to align conversations and forecasts.  This tool is one of the drivers for our weekly forecast calls and keeps everyone focused on the key elements needed to close a transaction on a timely basis.”

Brian WrightDirector Sales Operations, Move Guides
Bartek Niwinski

We used to spend two days every week in the office on reporting. Now with iSEEit, we are using that time to make more calls, create new opportunities, and spend more time thinking about how to close our current opportunities.

Bartek NiwinskiSales Director, Infinite Data
Djordje Vasic

“Before we switched to iSEEit, it would take our sales team 3-5 days to consolidate all of the information that we needed to renew a contract. Now that’s down to 3-4 hours for our most complex contracts, and some are ready in as little as 15 minutes.”

Djordje VasicTechnical Director, SolvIT Networks
Alessandro Bisgnano

“At my previous company, it took an internal consultant 6 months to integrate just 50% of our sales process into our CRM. With iSEEit, the majority of what we needed was ready to use immediately, and it didn’t take long to customize the rest.”

Alessandro BisgnanoCEO, idOO
Klaus Kuemmel

“iSEEit is easy, inuitive to handle and very sales-oriented. It really fits to our mission to turn sales forces from good to great”

Klaus KuemmelCEO, Great Sales Force

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