Work better. Sell better.

iSEEit doesn’t just help manage your sales process.
iSEEit is your sales process.

Build a more open, collaborative
sales environment

iSEEit is about far more than simplifying administrative sales tasks. It’s about inspiring salespeople to use an intuitive app that helps them sell more effectively, and which in turn creates a more open environment where:

  • Experiences and information are shared
  • Collaboration increases job satisfaction and reduces churn
  • Sales managers have the time to coach their reps and help them develop their careers, rather than chasing them for overdue forecasts or reports 

Designed specifically for the iPad, iSEEit is the first native mobile sales app created by sales, for sales – and scales seamlessly to meet the needs of businesses ranging from enterprises to single users to SMBs.

All the critical sales information you need
in one place

Because iSEEit adds value for salespeople – by pre-qualifying leads; helping them better understand, visualize and manage the progress of their deals; and assisting them with tasks such as arranging their calendar, appointments, compiling meeting minutes, forecasting and reporting – sales reps have major incentives to use a solution that produces all the critical sales information your company requires, without even realizing they’re doing it.

That helps sales managers and executives access information with the granularity they need, resulting in a more efficient sales organization.

Free your sales people from
the burden of data entry

Whereas CRMs can force salespeople to spend days in the office to enter the required data, with iSEEit this information is collected as they go. Whether they’re in a meeting, planning their next one, compiling forecasts, calculating their earnings or measuring their achievements, all this data is collected throughout their day-to-day work.

“It doesn’t take much time at all to accomplish my daily work… iSEEit really takes the complexity out of sales and presents things in a simple, intuitive way. It’s the first time I get the feeling that this is really a tool built for sales.”

Bartek NiwinskiRegional Manager CEE, Poland

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Depending on the scale of your operations, iSEEit presents a range of benefits for organizations from enterprises to single users to SMBs. And, whether you’re a sales rep, sales manager or executive, the solution’s extensive features and benefits will ensure you’ll love iSEEit.