Finally, a sales app your team will
actually enjoy and want to use.

Built by sales, for sales, iSEEit creates workflows that precisely
match the way your salespeople want to work.

Help your salespeople be
even better at what they do best

From the ability to enter information with the minimum of clicks or taps, to automated reporting fuelled by one-time data entry, iSEEit is a solution your salespeople will genuinely want to use.

Focus on what’s important – not what isn’t

iSEEit incorporates a wide range of features that salespeople will find invaluable in their day-to-day activities, and removes the need for much of the manual work they normally have to do.


See what’s happening in every deal,
and what to do next

By making the sales process much more natural and intuitive, iSEEit helps salespeople think more deeply about their role as a salesperson, and makes them better at what they do. So, for example, iSEEit gives sales reps a visual understanding of each of their deals, to which they can add further details as the deal progresses.

Action the ‘red flags’ preventing
deals from moving forward

If anything is required or missing from a deal (such as a demo or meeting to be arranged, or a contract that needs to be signed), iSEEit will red flag this and highlight who in the sales team is responsible for moving the deal forward.

Start driving more sales

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Depending on the scale of your operations, iSEEit presents a range of benefits for organizations from enterprises to single users to SMBs. And, whether you’re a sales rep, sales manager or executive, the solution’s extensive features and benefits will ensure you’ll love iSEEit.