Access deep, accurate and timely information

As an executive, you’re unlikely to need the assistance with your day-to-day work that iSEEit offers your sales reps and sales managers. But what you will appreciate is the depth, accuracy and timeliness of the data that their use of iSEEit enables you to access.

Get overviews at any scale

What matters most to you is the overall picture of what’s happening in your sales organization, so with iSEEit’s built-in KPI dashboard you can get an overview at any scale.

See a forecast of revenues for the current quarter, or any other period.

Set filters to automatically highlight areas where you feel you should get personally involved.

Instantly drill down into the contribution of individual sales reps, or progress on particular deals.

See exactly what you need to know

However much, or how little, you need to know about what’s happening in your sales organization, iSEEit will give it to you.

You’ll also value the increased accuracy and reliability of all the reports and forecasts you’ll receive, which are produced automatically from your sales reps’ execution of their day-to-day tasks.

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Benefit from a more effective sales organization

Equally important are the more intangible benefits of iSEEit – for your sales team and your business. Because with iSEEit you can expect:

Proper implementation of your sales methodology, and optimized qualification, resulting in a healthier sales pipeline.

Increased productivity of up to 20% per sales rep, through guided discovery, qualifiers, milestones and gates.

Sales excellence – through increased retention of sales learning ( the iSEEit playbook) and tribal knowledge sharing.

Start driving more sales

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Depending on the scale of your operations, iSEEit presents a range of benefits for organizations from enterprises to single users to SMBs. And, whether you’re a sales rep, sales manager or executive, the solution’s extensive features and benefits will ensure you’ll love iSEEit.