Visualize and automate your most
important day-to-day tasks

Because iSEEit is the first mobile sales app designed by sales, for sales, we’ve created a solution that’s easy, intuitive and natural for you to use for every aspect of your daily workflow.


Work without limits

Go truly mobile: work on the road, in a plane, or at your client’s office – regardless of the place, time or connectivity.

Minimize manual input

With one-time data entry throughout the sales process, sales reps save time and increase the accuracy of forecasting and reporting.

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Get your contacts under control

Want to import your contacts? Two clicks and they’re there. And you can add all the tasks and activities related to each contact, all with one-time data entry.

So whatever you need to be doing, and whoever you need to help you, you can always find everything you need, all in one place.

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And your leads, deals, tasks, forecasts…

This doesn’t just apply to your contacts. With iSEEit you get the same, natural approach to managing everything from leads, deals, tasks and your calendar, to compiling meeting minutes, reports and forecasts, progress deals, calculate earnings etc.

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Better qualify and manage your opportunities

iSEEit lets you seamlessly manage your sales process – from prospecting, through the sales pipeline to closing the deal.

It helps you better qualify leads, tasks and opportunities; better manage your deals via milestones and qualifiers; and better coordinate and collaborate with your customers and colleagues – all from a single, consistent source.

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Get the support you need, when you need it

Need help progressing a deal, or accessing sales intelligence or marketing assets for a customer meeting? Get assistance from iSEEit’s built-in playbook.

Not sure if pre-sales technical support has arranged a customer demo yet? You’ll see a red flag against your customer contact, the technical support person and the sales opportunity until the demo’s been completed.

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Estimate your earnings in advance

When you’re near to closing each deal, iSEEit will tell you what you can expect your earnings to be – all without additional input.

And, if you regularly spend time in the office updating your CRM or working on forecasts or reporting, you’ll no longer have to, as iSEEit takes care of that too.

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“This is the first time that it’s actually fun to work with our sales process. What’s really great is that the intuitiveness is there throughout iSEEit… When you enter data in one place, it instantly appears everywhere else you need it. There’s no need to re-enter anything.”

Olli KrebsVP Sales EMEA, Germany

Start driving more sales

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Depending on the scale of your operations, iSEEit presents a range of benefits for organizations from enterprises to single users to SMBs. And, whether you’re a sales rep, sales manager or executive, the solution’s extensive features and benefits will ensure you’ll love iSEEit.