Success Story

Quinyx Doubles Win Rate by rolling out MEDDPICC on Salesforce

Quinyx Success Story Header

As a global company with sales teams located all over the world, Quinyx needed to roll out a standardized approach to opportunity and deal qualification in order to gain insights into which opportunities to focus on, so that they can improve their close rate and hit a more accurate forecast.

Since implementing iSEEit on Salesforce, the entire sales team at Quinyx has been able to deploy MEDDPICC and follow a more structured approach to opportunity qualification by setting common criteria. As a result, Quinyx is able to better understand which opportunities to focus on based on facts and evidence, which has enabled them to:

  • Double their win rates
  • Close the 3 biggest deals in the company’s history
  • Hit every quarter with quarter on quarter growth

Download the Success Story and find out exactly how iSEEit has enabled Quinyx to follow MEDDPICC on Salesforce.

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