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How iSEEit Transformed Shift Media’s Deal Management

In the dynamic world of sales, effective deal management is paramount for achieving success. Shift Media, a prominent player in their industry, took a remarkable turn when they discovered iSEEit and started using the powerful sales methodology called MEDDPICC. This is the inspiring story of how iSEEit revolutionized Shift Media’s sales process, driving outstanding business outcomes.

Challenges and the need for iSEEit

Salesforce ceded to the marketplace opportunity qualification, and we had not adequately addressed this critical omission in our deal management.

Jeff Nicholson, Senior Manager at Shift Media


Tasked with implementing the MEDDPICC methodology, Shift Media embarked on a journey to find the ideal solution. Research led them to iSEEit, highly recommended by a consultancy founded by one of the MEDDPICC creators. Their endorsement of iSEEit as the best-in-class MEDDPICC application for Salesforce solidified Shift Media’s decision to embrace the solution.

Successful Implementation

With iSEEit’s stellar ratings in the Salesforce AppExchange, Shift Media gained confidence from the outset. The application delivered on its promises, boasting a well-engineered and intuitive user experience. Additionally, the dedicated iSEEit team, led by AE Drew Klein and Tech Lead Xenofon Kanarios, provided unwavering support and ensured a successful implementation. As Jeff states “two key factors resulted in our successful deployment of iSEEit: the application itself and the iSEEit team who supported us.”

Impact on Business Outcomes

Jeff Nicholson confidently states “We now have our hands firmly on the pulse of our deal cycles, empowered to assess the strengths, vulnerabilities, and glidepath to close for each opportunity.” 

The implementation of iSEEit empowered Shift Media to gain comprehensive visibility into their deal cycles. Armed with insights, they successfully closed significant deals by proactively addressing obstacles ahead of time. For instance, one Account Executive closed a major deal for a renowned national brand, with iSEEit’s MEDDPICC deal sheet underpinning their success.

Overcoming Pain Points and Challenges

iSEEit fosters transparency and enables establishing a common language

The team at Shift Media has experienced significant benefits from using iSEEit, which has helped them identify and overcome challenges in their sales process. One of the key advantages within iSEEit  is the structured visualization of the MEDDPICC sales qualification process enabling sales teams to deliberate based on a common language evaluating their deals together. 

By leveraging iSEEit, Shift Media has achieved enhanced visibility and streamlined deal evaluation processes. They no longer rely on asynchronous debriefs but instead utilize deal sheets to drive collaborative discussions. This allows the team to share valuable tips and insights for navigating market challenges, leading to more effective decision-making and improved sales outcomes.

Among the various features of iSEEit, the deal sheet stands out as the most valuable to Shift Media. It serves as a blueprint for each opportunity, facilitating transparent progression tracking and reducing the need for time-consuming status meetings. The deal sheet’s faithful representation of the MEDDPICC methodology empowers teams to effectively qualify opportunities and increases the chances of successfully closing deals.

As we reach our 1-year anniversary with iSEEit, the deal sheet is the most valuable to our teams and leadership alike.

Jeff Nicholson, Senior Manager at Shift Media


Shift Media’s VP of Sales entrusted the MEDDPICC implementation to their sales operations leader, who extensively researched available platforms. The choice of iSEEit was solidified by its recognition as the leading MEDDPICC application, endorsed by a consultancy founded by one of the MEDDPICC creators. Shift Media wholeheartedly recommends iSEEit as their trusted MEDDPICC copilot in Salesforce.

One year later, we are more pleased than ever that we chose iSEEit.

Jeff Nicholson, Senior Manager at Shift Media


Shift Media’s journey from grappling with deal management challenges to achieving remarkable business outcomes with iSEEit showcases the transformative power of a robust sales application. With iSEEit’s comprehensive features, intuitive interface, and unwavering support from the team, Shift Media gained full control over their deal cycles, ensuring proactive action and successful closures. If you are seeking to overcome similar challenges, iSEEit is the solution to empower your sales success.

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