Managing remote sales teams

If you are a remote sales leader, used to travelling and leading from the front, spending time with your team in the field is crucial in order to understand what the reps need, coach them and of course get more insights of their deals hitting the forecast.


But what now? How can you do this with multiple reps working from home?

How do you get a feeling on what your reps are working on?

How can you make account or deal reviews when the team is all over the place?


This is where iSEEit can help. 

We built the No1 Sales Methodology for B2B Sales teams onto Salesforce, that will allow you to remotely manage your teams. 

You will establish a common language and a unified understanding of what needs to be qualified, how and what steps need to be taken. This common understanding is building the framework for lean remote management. It will reduce misunderstandings and save valuable time.
Secondly, your team will be able to document this is in an intuitive visual fashion, which allows you to instantly understand the details and be on the same page, especially when you have to communicate via phone, Skype or video calls.


Take a look

  • Give your reps guidance to close deals with a structured sales process based on industry best practices. 

Manage remote team

  • Get more insights into forecasts on an aggregate level and dig down deeper into deals with open gaps or red flags

Aggregate deals review


  • Do remote account reviews with org charts, build close plans and monitor activities

Org chart


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Lead Qualification on Salesforce

Lead Qualification on Salesforce

Are your salespeople complaining about not getting enough leads, although the leads pipeline is full and most probably untouched?

What is a qualified lead?

This has always been a big topic when it comes to sales. I have personally witnessed many discussions between Marketing Directors and Sales Leaders on the quality of the leads. While Sales accuse Marketing of handing over “bad” leads, wasting precious sales time, Marketing complains about a slow-moving incomplete follow up on the generated leads sinking all the marketing $ spent.

Who is right in this argument?

Well, we investigated this matter and found out that both parties actually were right. 

Early in the journey, the prospect would most probably just get additional information on the solution, maybe they even download info material, join webcasts or visit conventions and fares. Only later in the customer journey, when a potential solution to their problem has been identified, the client is happy to talk to a salesperson who would then be able to address the decision criteria and process that would finally lead to a buying process and purchase.

Therefore, these leads generated by marketing, business development agencies or internal inside sales need to be qualified and rated based on the customer’s interest and stage in the buying journey. Many companies nowadays have a distinction between the early-stage leads, often referred as “Marketing Qualified Leads”, which would continue to be nurtured by marketing or insides sales and the later stage leads which are called “Sales Qualified Leads”, which will be handed over to the sales department.

But why is there still an issue?

Let’s have a look at how those leads are qualified.

In many cases, this is done by a rather inexperienced young inside sales team or an outsourced business development agency motivated by a bonus payment for handing over “qualified” leads. Due to the mentioned lack of experience, the optimism of the youth and a strong motivation to reach the targets to earn recognition and bonus, the leads are not qualified well enough before hand over to the sales team.

As a result, handing over these premature leads causes a lot of frustration with the field reps, who spend a lot of time chasing potential customers who are not yet ready. This ultimately leads to salespeople cherry picking on some of the leads, which they follow up on and leave the rest untouched.

This causes executives to start questioning the effectiveness of the sales process with high lead generation cost and a low conversion rate of real deals hitting the forecast.

This is where iSEEit comes in and bridges the gap. Good leads are like gold nuggets and iSEEit helps to filter those out at an early stage.


Lead Qualification on Salesforce

Lead Qualification on Salesforce


What iSEEit’s Lead Qualification feature brings to the table:

  • Better qualify leads for your inside sales reps by using a configurable, step by step qualification checklist based on industry best practices.
  • The lead qualification score helps to only convert the “real” hot leads into sales qualified leads or opportunities. 
  • Seamless handover from inside- to field sales without any information loss as the data gathered during the lead qualification process will be reflected on the opportunity as well.
  • Metrics such as iSEEit’s Lead Qualification Score and the conversion rate linked to the lead source help marketing to determine which campaigns actually generate the best ROIs.

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Asher Benbenisty - ALGOSEC

How Algosec built an operating rhythm around MEDDIC

Everybody in sales has gone through a lot of sales trainings. The problem is that 30 days later, the excitement of the newly gained knowledge is washed away and old habits tend to return.

How can companies overcome this and reinforce the new skills until they become second nature?

Algosec, represented by the Dir. Product Marketing, Asher Benbenisty, talks about how they implemented MEDDIC on Salesforce to ensure that it is embedded in the daily sales routine, forecast and account planning sessions.

Want to build your MEDDIC operating rhythm on

Algosec successfully worked with the SalesMeddicGroup to shape the sales process and MEDDIC qualification checklists and successfully implement it into Salesforce using iSEEit. Click on the links to get in touch and learn more!


MEDDIC Acronyms

MEDDIC Training now available online

MEDDIC training online – iSEEit partners with the MEDDIC Academy

While most of our clients for good reasons still prefer “the classroom training”, the demand for online training grows rapidly and here’s why…

There are many debates about pros and cons of how training can and should be delivered in the digital age. Most of our clients report that on-site training is primarily scheduled on the agenda of kick off and Quarterly Business Reviews, where sales-people are flown in from all over the world.

It is a very costly and time intensive way to train the sales teams, however, it is still very effective to have the face to face experience with the experts and trainers, plus the networking and exchange during and in between the classes has a huge benefit.

Nevertheless, some of the most successful and fast-growing companies work out alternatives or complimentary training schedules.


There are 3 major reasons.

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