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The Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers (That Will Help You Shatter Your Sales Goals)

Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers

If you’ve come looking for the most practical, insightful and educational sales bloggers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 100 best sales bloggers online today.

As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of high-quality sales blogs on the web. But we decided to take the absolute best of the best and present them to you in one definitive list.

Whether you’re a first-year sales rep or the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, these bloggers give you the tools, tips and techniques you need to go out there and shatter your sales goals.

So without further ado, here’s our list of The Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers:

Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore

Sales Coach, Author, Speaker,


Why he made the list: Jeff Shore’s top 3 most widely shared articles have gathered close to 60,000 social shares, making him one of the most influential sales bloggers online today. Jeff distills his 3+ decades of experience as an in-demand sales expert, keynote speaker, and top-selling author into the articles he writes for the web’s leading sales and business blogs.

Quote: “Where there is no challenge, there is no change.” Click to tweet

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Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James

Contributing Editor,

Why he made the list: Geoffrey James is a contributing editor to, a major online resource for small business looking to grow. His column, The Sales Source, is one of the most widely shared sales columns online. Consistently ranking among the top influencers in the sales world, Geoffrey writes articles that range from light and humorous to deep and insightful.

Quote: “You can literally rewire your brain to make you more successful.” Click to tweet

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Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath

Sales Keynote Speaker,


Why she made the list: As the author of 3 best-selling books, (her latest, Agile Selling is a must-read for sales professionals), Jill offers a unique view on what it takes to succeed in today’s fast-paced sales world. With an extensive online library of articles and videos on selling, you could spend hours on Jill’s blog going through all the practical advice she has to offer.

Quote: “Focus on having the maximum impact in every client interaction.” Click to tweet

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Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer

Founder, Maximize Your Social


Why he made the list: When it comes to using social media to help drive sales, there are few bloggers as valuable as Neal Schaffer. Named a Top 5 Social Sales Influencer by, Neal is quickly becoming a go-to-expert in the rapidly evolving field of Social Selling.

Quote: “The number one thing you need to do to begin to yield online influence is to become a content creator.” Click to tweet

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Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter

Keynote Speaker, Executive Consultant,


Why he made the list: As a keynote sales speaker, executive consultant, and renowned sales trainer, Mark Hunter has made a name for himself with his explosive growth strategies and his consultative approach to selling. His blog, The Sales Hunter, is a a must-read for sales professionals looking to grow their top-line sales and bottom-line profits.

Quote: “When things aren’t going well, call your best customer…someone you have helped.” Click to tweet

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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt

Business Strategist, Popular Speaker, & Ultrarunner,


Why he made the list: Dan Waldschmidt and the status quo don’t seem to mix very well, which is probably why so many sales and marketing leaders look to him as a source of inspiration. His book (and blog), Edgy Conversations, is all about achieving outrageous success by thinking differently.

Quote: “Awesome people don’t confuse degrees and certifications with a never-ending obsession to keep learning.” Click to tweet

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Eric Ries

Eric Ries

Entrepreneur and Author,


Why he made the list: Best known as the New-York Times Bestselling author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries helps startups change they way they’re built. His blog, Startup Lessons Learned, is a treasure trove of practical advice for sales professionals who have started (or are thinking of starting) their own company.

Quote: “If a customer doesn’t like what you’ve made, that’s a discovery, not a failure.” Click to tweet

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Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino

Executive Sales Coach, Author, Public Speaker,


Why he made the list: With sales tips and insights published daily to The Sales Blog, Anthony Iannarino maintains an impressive online presence. Anthony also runs In The Arena, a successful podcast where he regularly interviews other highly-respected sales leaders.

Quote: “It’s about caring enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.” Click to tweet

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Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz

Founder and President, Heinz Marketing


Why he made the list: With more than 15 years of marketing, business development, and sales experience behind him, Matt Heinz has become a leading voice for sales and marketers both online and off. An award-winning blogger, Matt’s content helps readers achieve measurable results that lead to increased revenue, customer loyalty, and product success.

Quote: “Social tools are great. Email still works. But the phone remains the most important tool in your communication arsenal.” Click to tweet

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Ken Krogue

Ken Krogue

Founder of InsideSales,


Why he made the list: Calling himself an ‘Inside Sales Evangelist,’ Ken Krogue has helped changed the way inside sales teams work. As the founder of and frequent contributor to Forbes, Ken specializes in content that focuses on sales acceleration, demand generation, and long-term strategic thinking.

Quote: “When I hit the wall I go learn something new. That picks me up and gets me going again.” Click to tweet

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Tom Searcy

Tom Searcy

CEO, Hunt Big Sales


Why he made the list: Having helped produce $8 billion in sales for his clients, Tom Searcy has earned his reputation as a nationally recognized author, speaker, and expert in large account sales. In addition to the several books that he’s written, Tom frequently writes about sales leadership and growth acceleration for the likes of Forbes,, and CBS MoneyWatch.

Quote: “We must change the way we sell when buyers change the way they buy, which means we also must change the way we lead.” Click to tweet

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Keith Rosen

Keith Rosen

Leadership Coach, Author,


Why he made the list: As an innovative leadership coach, Keith Rosen has helped hundreds of thousands of sales reps transform their approach to selling. Having also written the #1 bestselling sales management book on Amazon, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, Keith walks the walk. His articles on effective sales strategies, transformative coaching, and building high performance sales teams are a great source of knowledge for salespeople.

Quote: “Help your people focus on what they want to create, rather than what they want to avoid.” Click to tweet

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Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton

Social Marketing & Selling Expert,


Why he made the list: One of the most recognized social marketing and selling experts in the world, Koka Sexton helps others get the most out of their LinkedIn and Twitter networks. Through his blog articles, LinkedIn posts, tweets, and speaking engagements around the world, Koka teaches sales professional how they can use social networks to maximize lead generation, create new opportunities, and engage customers.

Quote: “Technology is a double-edged sword. Just as sales people are moving into the future, the buyers are already ahead of us.” Click to tweet

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Ian Altman

Ian Altman

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Executive Consultant,


Why he made the list: The author two Amazon #1 Bestsellers and a frequent contributor to Forbes, Ian Altman is the guy executives and CEOs call when they want to take their sales to the next level. A top-rated speaker and consultant, Ian writes engaging, dynamic content that helps salespeople move beyond their comfort zone and into a successful, growth-based mindset

Quote: “Price matters most when the person doing the selling thinks price matters most.” Click to tweet

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Joanne Black

Joanne Black

Sales Consultant and Author,


Why she made the list: With 30+ years of sales experience, Joanne Black has become the go-to expert in referral selling. Her popular book and blog, No More Cold Calling, offer great advice on how to use referrals to generate more leads and close deals faster.

Quote: “Don’t waste your prospects’ time with demos or put them to sleep with PowerPoint slides. Instead have a real business conversation.” Click to tweet

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Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan



Why he made the list: If you’ve ever heard Marcus Sheridan give a talk, then you know how contagious his passion can be. When he’s not on stage as a keynote speaker, Marcus directs that passion into his blog, The Sales Lion, where he devotes himself to helping companies increase sales drastically by embracing a culture of inbound marketing.

Quote: “Strive to help everyone you come in contact with.” Click to tweet

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Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter

CEO and Founder,


Why he made the list: Having recently generated $10 million in investment funds for his company,, Kyle Porter shares unique sales insights on his company’s blog based on experience. With countless articles, webinars and videos, Kyle’s articles are a great starting point for companies looking to more deeply understand their customer’s needs.

Quote: “Test everything. Figure out scientifically which days & times are best to make calls, send emails, and which are most effective.” Click to tweet

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Jim Keenan

Jim Keenan

CEO and Keynote Speaker,


Why he made the list: Jim Keenan’s relaxed but authoritative voice has carved out a unique niche for him among sales bloggers. In fact, in a recent post, he highlights how he turned down a major speaking gig because they asked him not to wear his trademark red suede pumas. Consistently ranked among the top sales bloggers, Jim’s posts are a joy to read.

Quote:“Read, read, and read some more. Knowledge and information solve almost every problem.” Click to tweet

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Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink

Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker,


Why he made the list: Daniel has authored five books on the psychology of selling (including the well-known To Sell Is Human) and has one of the most viewed TED talks of all time (13.2 million views and counting as of this article). He challenges business leaders to break free of old ways of thinking and challenge the status quo.

Quote: “Use your head as much as your heart.” Click to tweet

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Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin

Sales Productivity Tool Expert,


Why she made the list: The foremost expert on sales productivity, Nancy publishes a list of the Top Sales Tools every year. Her popular and well-written blog is also a great source for B2B companies looking for ways to drive more revenue. Nancy has been named a Top Social Sales Influencer and a Top Woman to Watch, and after keeping up with her articles and social postings, it’s easy to see why.

Quote: “Salespeople are so used to rejection that we can see it where it doesn’t exist.” Click to tweet

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Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge

Chief Revenue Officer, Hubspot


Why he made the list: As Hubspot’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark has helped Hubspot grow from a tiny, Boston-based startup to one of the leading marketing automation solutions in the world. Mark just recently published his book, The Sales Acceleration Formula, that helps readers predictably scale their business to $100 Million.

Quote: “Strive to uncover the thing your buyer is worried about – the thing she’s stuck on – and if you find it, help her with it.” Click to tweet

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Jonathan Farrington

Jonathan Farrington

Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Author,


Why he made the list: Jonathan Farrington’s magazine and blog, Top Sales World, have become leading resources for sales professionals worldwide. In fact, many of the winners on this list are frequent contributors to TSW and have helped make it a hub for some of the sales industry’s most insightful content.

Quote: “Don’t carry the hurt & failures from the past into the future. Learn to discard them & move on.” Click to tweet

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Josiane Feigon

Josiane Feigon

Sales Trainer, Coach, and Bestselling Author,


Why she made the list: Josiane Feigon has carved a reputable niche for herself as an effective insides sales trainer and coach. Bestselling author of the “Smart Sales” series, Josiane consistently pumps out quality content with a focus on sales productivity, effective sales processes, and the need for alignment between marketing and sales.

Quote: “The key to sales survival in today’s age of uncertainty is CONFIDENCE.” Click to tweet

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Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO,


Why he made the list: As publisher of Selling Power magazine and founder of the Sales 2.0 conference, Gerhard Gscwandtner has firmly established himself as one of the world’s leading sales experts. His blog is an invaluable resource for sales leaders with solid advice on how to keep up in today’s rapidly changing market.

Quote: “Develop skills and tool sets that make you better than the best and faster than the rest.” Click to tweet

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Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson

Inside Sales Speaker, Author, and Social Selling Consultant,


Why she made the list: Having written 4 books and blogged for 11 years on B2B selling, Lori Richardson emphasizes the need for collaboration and leverage in growing sales. Every week you can find Lori in the field helping sales teams solve current issues in sales prospecting. She is a sought-after consultant on process and system building, and has also set up a website for the top women B2B sales experts at

Quote: “Never confuse activity with accomplishment.” Click to tweet

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Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley

Social Selling Evangelist and Startup Advisor,


Why she made the list: Be authentic. That’s the core of Jill Rowley’s message for how to succeed at social selling. To Jill, #SocialSelling isn’t just a passing trend, it’s a major paradigm shift in the way salespeople relate to their customers. As such, she’s taken it upon herself to help sales teams transition into a Give-to-Give selling culture rather than Give-to-Get.

Quote: “The more a seller uses traditional sales approaches, the less trustworthy they appear.” Click to tweet

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Paul Castain

Paul Castain



Why he made the list: Helping sales reps turn into sales rockstars is how Paul Castain describes his work. As an sales trainer and executive coach whose developed and mentored over 10,000 sales professionals, Paul offers a sound perspective on what defines the foundation of selling.

Quote: “Give value to people unconditionally and don’t keep a scorecard.” Click to tweet

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Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova

VP and Sales Strategist,


Why she made the list: With more than 9 years experience as a Gartner Research VP and distinguished analyst, Tiffani is on the forefront of helping companies capture new growth opportunities with solid go-to-market strategies. She’s been a recipient of Gartner’s Thought Leader Award and regularly updates Gartner’s blog with her insightful articles.

Quote: “Success today does not guarantee success tomorrow – get scenario planning on your high priority to-do list today!” Click to tweet

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Craig Rosenberg

Craig Rosenberg

TOPO Co-Founder and Editor,


Why he made the list: Craig Rosenberg is the Co-founder and Chief Analyst of TOPO Inc., a premiere research and advisory firm that helps companies accelerate sales, and is the author of the popular sales and marketing blog, The Funnelholic. Written a blend of humor and wit, Craig’s articles are a powerhouse for sales leaders looking to take their companies to the next level.

Quote: “If you want to sell big opportunities, you have to be an expert in the market and an expert in the customer.” Click to tweet

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Craig Klein

Craig Klein

President and CEO,


Why he made the list: Having gone from a door-to-door salesman to managing a nationwide sales team, Craig Klein has the experience to help small and medium sized companies grow their revenues and increase ROI through improved sales operations. A CRM and email marketing specialist, Craig’s blog has a solid focus on improving lead generation and nurturing.

Quote: “It takes much more than a catchy phrase to earn and maintain the interest of today’s decision makers.” Click to tweet

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Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi

President and Chief Strategist,


Why she made the list: As President of The Bridge Group, Trish Bertuzzi has helped over 200 B2B tech companies build world-class inside sales teams. Her articles on pipeline building, implementation strategies, and revenue generation are full of insight and actionable advice.

Quote: “Find a mentor & be a mentor. Everyone needs a go-to person in their life.” Click to tweet

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Tibor Shanto

Tibor Shanto

Speaker, Author, and Sales Execution Specialist,


Why he made the list: With over 25 years experience as a sales leader, Tibor Shanto has worked with some of the world’s most distinguished companies. As a blogger, Tibor shares his wealth of experience to help salespeople create double-digit growth through effective sales strategies.

Quote: “Prospects equal options. Master prospecting and you will be the master of your sales destiny.” Click to tweet

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Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer

Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Executive Coach,


Why he made the list: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling is one of those books that ends up dog-eared and well-worn from all the use it gets. With over 100 speaking engagements per year, Jeffrey helps salespeople in any industry worldwide. A prolific writer, you can find volumes of sales insights on his blog.

Quote: “You don’t earn loyalty in a day; You earn loyalty day by day.” Click to tweet

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Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author and CEO, Objective Management Group


Why he made the list: As the head of a global sales consulting and training firm, Dave Kurlan has over 30 years experience in helping companies generate more revenue quickly through a better, stronger salesforce. He’s also the author of four books on sales, including Baseline Selling.

Quote: “If you or your salespeople need to build a bigger, better pipeline today, then the phone is the fastest, most effective way to achieve that.” Click to tweet

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Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks

Social Selling Consultant,


Why he made the list: Few people help companies transition from ‘traditional selling’ to social selling as effectively as Jamie Shanks. Part of the world’s largest network of social selling training experts, Jamie has helped thousands of professionals drive more sales opportunities.

Quote: “Tell your story and be wholly original.” Click to tweet

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Miles Austin

Miles Austin

Sales and Marketing Technologist and Speaker,


Why he made the list: Known as “The Web Tools Guy,” Miles Austin helps salespeople make the most out of the rapidly evolving technology and tools at their disposal. He shares the sales industries most innovative strategies, tips, and tools regularly on his blog,

Quote: “Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Never compromise your ability to build & maintain trust.” Click to tweet

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Greg Alexander

Greg Alexander

CEO, Sales Benchmark Index


Why he made the list: As CEO of Sales Benchmark Index, Greg has been responsible for helping some of the world’s top companies increase their sales force effectiveness. He regularly features insightful use cases on SBI’s blog that highlight the key strategies that his client’s have used to create significant growth.

Quote: “The more targeted your strategy, the more power it holds.” Click to tweet

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David Brock

David Brock

President, Partners In EXCELLENCE


Why he made the list: David Brock is the President and founder of Partners in Excellence, a leading sales consulting agency. Both online and off, David has earned himself a reputation for generously sharing the wisdom of his many years as sales expert. Just take a look at his LinkedIn recommendations and see for yourself why so many people speak so highly of David and his work.

Quote: “Being right doesn’t mean you win. You win by establishing credibility, a relationship, and trust.” Click to tweet

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Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg

Consultant, Speaker and Bestselling Author,


Why he made the list: As the author of New Sales Simplified, Mike Weinberg is on a mission to simplify the world of sales. That mission extends not only to the people he works with, but to anyone who comes in contact with his book or content on Mike’s blend of blunt but practical sales advice is a welcome addition to any one eager to learn more about effective selling.

Quote: “You should never allow someone else to dictate your sales process.” Click to tweet

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Leanne Hoagland Smith

Leanne Hoagland Smith

Sales Consultant and Coach,


Why she made the list: Leanne Hoagland Smith is an authority on talent management and sales processes, two things that are critical for anyone who wants to achieve extraordinary results. On her blog, Leanne helps sales leaders hone these and other essential skills with in-depth and memorable content.

Quote: “Only take a lost sale personally when you made the relationship too personal too soon.” Click to tweet

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Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman

President and Founder, MJ Hoffman & Associates


Why he made the list: As the creator of YourSalesMBA, Basho Strategies, and the “Why You, Why Now?” series, Jeff Hoffman understands the need for ongoing education for sales professionals everywhere. No matter how high up you go, there’s always something more to learn and master, which is why Jeff’s blog and sales workshops have so much to offer.

Quote: “If you want be a great leader, make sure that what’s best for the business is what drives your decisions.” Click to tweet

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Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Management Coach and Consultant,


Why he made the list: Ian Brodie’s blog is the go-to source for effective email marketing. Ian dedicates a great deal of his energy to helping his readers improve their follow up skills, and has written several books that are tailored to professionals looking to build a larger client base.

Quote: “Sales is like learning to swim. If you want to learn you’re going to have to get wet.” Click to tweet

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Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross

Bestselling Author and Consultant,


Why he made the list: Aaron Ross is the best-selling author of Predictable Revenue, which has been called the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley” by Aaron also built the outbound sales at, resulting in an added $1 billion in revenue. He shares his experiences and how to grow predictable revenue fast on his blog.

Quote: “People don’t buy general help. They buy very specific help for specific problems.” Click to tweet

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Dan McDade

Dan McDade

President and Founder, PointClear


Why he made the list: Founder and President of the prospect developing company, PointClear, Dan McDade specializes in helping B2B companies increase their capacity to generate leads and convert prospects to customers. His blog offers a bevy of free advice for sellers looking to challenge the status quo.

Quote: “30% of the leads you generate should be as the result of an email or call back from a prospect.” Click to tweet

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Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll

Author and Executive Director, MECLABS


Why he made the list: Brian Carroll is the Executive Director at MECLABS and the author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. He leverages his deep sales experience to help business owners stand out in a crowded global marketplace.

Quote: “Instead of trying to sound interesting to others, be interested in them.” Click to tweet

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Charles Green

Charles Green

CEO, Trusted Advisor Associates


Why he made the list: Trust. That’s the core of Charles H. Green’s philosophy, and a theme you’ll find throughout his books and content. You won’t find any gimmicky sales pitches on his blog, just timeless approaches based on honesty, authenticity, and focusing on the client.

Quote: “By far the best way to influence people is to start by really listening to them.” Click to tweet

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Kurt Shaver

Kurt Shaver

Speaker, Trainer, and Founder, The Sales Foundry


Why he made the list: A social selling specialist, Kurt Shaver has become a well-known source for helping companies grow their networks and connect with more key decision makers. Having already received several awards and recognitions for his work as a social selling pioneer, Kurt’s blog, The Sales Foundry, is a reliable source of insightful information.

Quote: “Finding the “How-To’s” of LinkedIn is simple. Turning those tips into winning habits is hard.” Click to tweet

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Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis

Corporate Sales Consultant, Author and Speaker, Engage Selling Solutions


Why she made the list: If you are looking to increase your prospecting, networking, and/or negotiation effectiveness, Colleen Francis is a great source for you. Through her blog, Engage Selling, Colleen has a wealth of articles and videos to help any sales professional looking to get a leg up on the competition.

Quote: “Don’t operate on assumptions. Move forward with facts.” Click to tweet

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Steve Richard

Steve Richard

Founder, VorsightBP


Why he made the list: As a specialist on the front end of the sales cycle, Steve Richard and his blog offer seriously practical advice for improving your prospecting, lead generation, and social selling. If you’re looking to implement changes that lead to measurable results, Steve is a reliable person to look to.

Quote: “Inspection can be a one-size-fits all to achieve the desired objectives, but the coaching needs to be tailored to the individual.” Click to tweet

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Peter Ostrow

Peter Ostrow

Research Director and VP, Aberdeen Group


Why he made the list: Few people are as effective as Peter at helping companies understand how big data can impact business decisions. As the Research Director of the and VP of the Aberdeen Group, an industry-leading leading research organization, Peter specializes in helping sales leaders align their sales and marketing processes to their buyer’s journey.

Quote: “As counter-intuitive as it might appear… terminating an above-quota sales rep for bad behavior may be the smartest move a manager can make.” Click to tweet

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Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert

President, People First Productivity Solutions


Why she made the list: The name of Deb Calvert’s company pretty much sums up what she’s all about: People First Productivity Solutions. Deb’s experience in leadership development and management training is what packs her blog full of some incredibly effective sales advice.

Quote: “To make your presentations compelling for buyers, you need to stop selling and start leading.” Click to tweet

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Craig Elias

Craig Elias

CEO, SHiFT Selling


Why he made the list: Craig Elias is the CEO of SHiFT Selling, a training and advisement firm for companies looking to turn more prospects into loyal customers. As the creator of Trigger Event Selling, Craig shares insightful techniques on how to harness ‘trigger events’ to increase your close rate.

Quote: “The first viable vendor in front of a hot prospect is five times more likely to win the sale.” Click to tweet

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Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland

Sales Leadership Speaker & Consultant, Bernadette McClelland Consulting


Why she made the list: Having broken a company record for the most amount of coaching sold at a single event might be enough for most resumes, but knowing that Bernadette McClelland did it while working for Peak Performance Expert Tony Robbins takes that record to a different level. Now as the head of her own leadership consulting firm, Bernadette helps companies jumpstart results.

Quote: “Sales leaders are as much responsible for their sales as their salespeople.” Click to tweet

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Ken Thoreson

Ken Thoreson

Sales Leadership Consultant, Speaker, and President, Acumen Management Group


Why he made the list: For 20 years, Ken Thoreson and the Acumen Management Group have helped companies drive predictable revenue growth through sales training and consulting. Ken’s blog offers his original thoughts and unique strategies for boosting sales.

Quote: “Set aside some time to review your calendar for the past 12 months, you might find someone you had forgotten to follow up with.” Click to tweet

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Sean Burke

Sean Burke

CEO, KiteDesk


Why he made the list: Sean Burke is the CEO of KiteDesk, a social selling platform with an emphasis on lead. On his blog, Sean shares his views on the new role of sales and the need for understanding how to relate that role to the new buyer’s journey.

Quote: “The social sales question isn’t ‘if’ or ‘when,’ but ‘how’ to incorporate social into your business’ revenue generation strategy.” Click to tweet

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Robert Terson

Robert Terson

Author, Speaker, and Founder, Selling Fearlessly


Why he made the list: After retiring from a successful 40-year run in sales, Robert Terson wrote a book, Selling Fearlessly, and started a blog based on the insights and lessons he learned over his extensive career. The unexpected success of both of those led Robert back in the sales saddle, this time as a sought-after coach and sales authority.

Quote: “Nothing happens until someone sells something!” Click to tweet

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Mike Kunkle

Mike Kunkle

Sales Training and Development Leader,


Why he made the list: Mike Kunkle helps companies transform their sales through more effective sales processes. By developing his own sales methodology, Mike has helped numerous companies drive consistent, steady revenue growth.

Quote: “Yes, buyers are buying differently. Things have changed.  The real question is… what are you DOING about it?” Click to tweet

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John Cousineau

John Cousineau

President, Innovative Information


Why he made the list: John Cosineaus’s mission is to drive business performance by making work fun. On his blog, John emphasizes the need to embrace innovative technology while helping salespeople be passionate about what they do. Having remained at the technological forefront for over 30 years, John continues to help others outperform their expectations.

Quote: “Don’t be scripted; be genuinely interested in the buyer, and situationally adept at helping them share with you ‘their story’.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Are Your B2B Sales Reps Passionate In Their Work?

Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman

Founder and CSO at, Alice Heiman, LLC


Why she made the list: Alice Heiman’s promise is to increase her clients’ sales by at least 30% or more. She delivers on this promise through her impactful sales coaching and blog. Her specialties lie in networking, social selling, and effective sales strategies.

Quote: “Closing shouldn’t be a big deal. If the sale is handled correctly it should be the easiest and most fun part.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 10 Commitments of LinkedIn

Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz

Best-selling Author and CEO, The Smooth Sale


Why she made the list: Having overcome a paralysis diagnosis after a serious accident, Elinor Stutz has since used her dedication to help sales professionals overcome their greatest obstacles to increased growth. As the founder of the Smooth Sale Training organization, Elinor delivers inspiring talks and motivational content on her blog.

Quote: “Vision is attained by setting and adhering to mid-year, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 5 Differentiators for Successful Meetings

Anneke Seley

Anneke Seley

CEO and Founder, Reality Works


Why she made the list: As the creator of Oracle’s inside sales organization, Anneke Seley led what became that company’s fastest growing revenue generator. Anneke now heads the Reality Works Group, where she shares her considerable expertise in the fields of inside sales and social selling.

Quote: “Don’t be afraid to try something new and unproven.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Outside In: The Rise of the Inside Sales Team

Kelley Robertson

Kelley Robertson

Sales Keynote Speaker and Senior Sales Trainer, Fearless Selling


Why he made the list: Through his high-impact presentations, Kelley Robertson helps sales organizations of all sizes reach even their most ambitious goals. He publishes his own thoughts on effective sales practices on his blog, Fearless Selling.

Quote: “There is a significant difference between persistence and impatience. Make sure you don’t cross that line.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Don’t Cross the Line Between Persistence and Impatience

Ian Knowlson

Ian Knowlson

Director & Co-Founder, Selling Success


Why he made the list: Ian Knowlson and his team at Selling Success specialize in helping startups, new products, and new teams launch with an explosive start. Ian’s blog offers a steady amount of motivational insights on business development strategies, effective recruitment and more.

Quote: “So many employers don’t realize that talent is right under their nose… It needs developing and nurturing.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Talent War begins – Five Strategies Employers need to Survive!

John Barrows

John Barrows

Sales Trainer and Owner,


Why he made the list: As the author of 12 Guiding Principles to Success in Sales, Business and Life, John Barrows shares the key principles that form the foundation of a solid sales education. As an effective sales trainer, John offers a range of practical advice and unique sales insights.

Quote: “The more real and transparent you are with people, the more real and transparent they will be with you.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: I’d like to introduce myself to you

Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler

Entrepeneur, Sales Hacker, and Founder,


Why he made the list: Max Altschuler brings a much needed and innovative perspective into the world of sales. As the founder of the Sales Hacker Conferences and author of Hacking Sales, Max helps sales professionals transform their teams into fully efficient sales machines.

Quote: “How about mixing some humor into your sales process? Sometimes a smile can be enough to elicit a response – and keep you sane.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 10 B2B Sales Trends We Think Will Hit Big in 2015

Paul McCord

Paul McCord

President, Consultant, And Trainer, McCord Training and Development


Why he made the list: With over 30 years of experience in helping sales leaders all over the world achieve outstanding performance, Paul McCord has honed his skills in prospecting best practices. Through his blog content and prolific tweets, Paul shares his take on what’s important for sales organizations to develop effectively.

Quote: “A Sales Leader doesn’t just happen, they are created, they’re formed, they’re developed.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Are You Deserving of the Title “Sales Leader?”

Linda Richardson

Linda Richardson

Sales Leader and Consultatnt,


Why she made the list: As the author of ten books on selling including her latest, Changing the Sales Conversation, Linda Richardson has been a pioneer in disruptive sales processes. Her emphasis on results-driven selling has made her a reliable source for effective sales tips.

Quote: “As sellers how well do we communicate in micro ways that show we care not only about what we sell but also to whom we sell?” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Woman Interrupted: Not for Women Only

Jeff Sheehan

Jeff Sheehan

Social Media Consultant and Business Developer, Sheehan Marketing Strategies


Why he made the list: Consistently named as one of the top influencers in social selling, Jeff Sheehan has helped companies of all sizes position themselves effectively through social media. He’s also a big believer in ‘paying forward’ his success to job hunters and non-profits looking to use social media to move up. With a massive Twitter and LinkedIn following, Jeff has a substantial online presence.

Quote: “Most everything in life is uncertain. Don’t let it prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Mitigate your risks and go for it!” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Students

Tamara Schenk

Tamara Schenk

Sales Enablement Leader & Analyst,


Why she made the list: As the Research Director at Miller Heiman, one of the world’s most renowned sales trainers, Tamara Schenk is dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of sales organizations around the world. Her insights are both practical and strategic and can help sales teams improve at various points throughout the sales cycle.

Quote: “The inability to communicate value messaging is year over year the biggest inhibitor to sales success.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Is Sales Enablement Making Salespeople Stupid?

Michael Krigsman

Michael Krigsman

Founder CxOTalk,


Why he made the list: As frequent contributor to ZDNet, Michael Krigsman has written over 1,000 articles on enterprise software, CRM, and business innovation. For tech-oriented sales, Michael’s articles are a solid, go-to resource.

Quote: “In the digital world, brands must pay special attention to disparities between their brand promise and consumers’ experience.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Bridging the gap between brand promise and customer experience

Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett

Founder and CEO, Sales Essentials


Why she made the list: Sue Barret is the founder and CEO of Sales Essentials, a valuable resource for sales professionals anywhere looking to improve their sales performance. Sue lives and teaches by a simple but powerful maxim, “Selling is everybody’s business & everybody lives by selling something.”

Quote: “In our desire to prove how worthy and clever we are to our prospects and clients, we can talk our way out of a sale.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: How to avoid the 7 deadly sins of selling

Andy Paul

Andy Paul

Sales Acceleration Coach, Speaker, and Strategist,


Why he made the list: As the author of two best-selling books on sales acceleration, Amp Up Your Sales and Zero Time Selling, Andy Paul helps sales professionals make the right decisions faster. His passion for helping sales people and sales teams can be found through his blog articles at

Quote: “To sell faster, be more disciplined in your approach to qualification, discovery, and all your core sales processes.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: If You Want To Sell More; Sell Faster

Kelly Riggs

Kelly Riggs

Sales Strategist & Leadership Coach,


Why he made the list: Kelly Rigs is the radio host of ‘The Business Locker Room,’ where he teaches companies and individuals how to “create high-performance salespeople, great management leaders, and effective strategic plans.” His blog is also a wealth of material on these topics and more.

Quote: “It is almost always true that the person with the best information is the person who wins the sale.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 5 Discovery Questions That Create Winning Sales Dialogue | Biz LockerRoom

Craig Wortmann

Craig Wortmann

Founder and CEO, Sales Engine


Why he made the list: As the founder of The Sales Engine, Craig Workman uses his sales expertise to help organizations in both B2B and B2C industries. Craig also teaches as a Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where his course, Entrepreneurial Selling, was named by Inc Magazine as one of the top sales courses.

Quote: “Nothing happens until something gets sold.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Differentiate Yourself From the Competition: 15 Sales Experts Share How

Lee Salz

Lee Salz

Sales Management Strategist and Founder, Sales Architects


Why he made the list: Lee Salz has authored four books on selling, including the best-selling, Hire Right, Higher Profits. As founder of Sales Architects, Lee offers his collected wisdom on achieving explosive growth by turning sales teams from “people-based” to “process-based.” Anyone needing advice on building world-class sales forces will find something useful in Lee’s content.

Quote: “No one can ever master sales. It’s a philosophy. There is always more to learn.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Why Salespeople Aren’t Like Professional Athletes (but should be)

Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee

Author, Speaker and President, KLA Group


Why she made the list: Kendra Lee is a lead generation expert. Having reached the top 1% of sales professionals at each IT company she was worked for (including IBM), Kendra has founded the KLA Group to help companies become prospecting powerhouses. She is author of award-winning books The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal.

Quote: “Call the leads that fell through the cracks. There’s never a reason to let a lead pass you by.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: LinkedIn Self-Promotion is a Direct Route to Lost Credibility and Connections

Bob Apollo

Bob Apollo

Founder and Partner, Inflexion-Point


Why he made the list: Bob Apollo is the CEO and Managing Partner at Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, a firm that helps B2B sales organizations improve their sales processes via systematic, data-driven approach. His blog is a rich and valuable resource for sales professionals looking for game-changing advice.

Quote: “It’s only when we are well prepared, well trained and well supported that we… can fully realize our creative potential.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: The B2B buying decision process: challenging the 57% myth

Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen

Co-Founder and CEO, Sales Hood


Why he made the list: Elay Cohen is the author of SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed. As the former SVP of Sales Productivity at, Elay has a lot to say about productivity and leadership tips on his company blog.

Quote: “Energize your sales teams to be thorough and curious about every last detail to avoid last minute surprises right before the end of the year.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: How Do You Know Your Q4 Deals Are Going To Close?

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

Sales Speaker and Trainer,


Why he made the list: As a motivating sales speaker and trainer, Tom Hopkins shares his decades of experience with sales people and business leaders. According to his site, Tom has trained over 5 million students on 5 continents in the 4 decades he’s been working as a sales trainer.

Quote: “You have a career in selling. Do you also have an ongoing plan for self-development? Times change. You must adapt.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 6 Reasons People Don’t Buy from You

Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp

President and Executive Speech Coach, Fripp Virtual Training


Why she made the list: Patricia Fripp is an executive speech coach and leadership expert who specializes in improving sales presentation skills. Recognizing that a powerful presentation is key to creating a competitive edge, Patricia provides a wealth of online training available to any sales professional on her site.

Quote: “It’s not your customers job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Publishing for Publicity – Three Steps You Cannot Overlook

Dave Stein

Dave Stein

B2B Sales Consultant, Speaker, Author,


Why he made the list: Having founded his own sales consulting agency, The Stein Advantage, Dave Stein specializes in social selling, sales performance, sales methodologies and more. His work has been featured and quoted in the New York Times, BusinessWeek, and other top publications. You can find a wealth of practical sales advice on his blog at

Quote: “If I could stand in an open airplane doorway 2.5 miles above the ground & will myself to step into empty space, then I could do anything.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Can You Really Measure Sales Culture?

Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson

International Author, Speaker, and Sales Trainer,


Why he made the list: Another Forbes Top Social Influencer, Shane Gibson has spoken to over 100,000 sales professionals all over the world. A veteran in the social selling arena, Shane has been blogging and podcasting for over a decade, and has written three books, including Sociable!.

Quote: “What we need to really focus on is how to think and have great conversations.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: How Intent Can Empower Your Sales Conversations

Barb Giamanco

Barb Giamanco

President and Social Selling Advisor,


Why she made the list: Co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media, Barb Giamanco was among the first to recognize and implement social selling’s influence. With research-backed training programs, Barb helps companies get the most out of social media to accelerate sales opportunities.

Quote: “Ditch your sales pitch in favor of genuine engagement and interaction. Help people first and they’ll want to help you.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 7 Reasons Social Selling May Have Stalled Out

Butch Bellah

Butch Bellah

Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author,


Why he made the list: With more than 25 years of real-world sales experience, Butch Bellah takes to the stage as a dynamic sales speaker and trainer to audiences everywhere. As the author of Sales Management For Dummies, Butch shares the fundamentals of sales growth, customer retention, and lead generation.

Quote: “Spend more time building rapport and qualifying and you’ll spend less time overcoming objections!” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Goals: The Fourth Quarter is Here.

Steven A. Rosen

Steven A. Rosen

Executive Sales Coach, Author, Speaker, STAR Results


Why he made the list: Steven Rosen is an executive business coach who honed his skills in the trenches of sales for over 15 years. Steven helps transform sales organizations into high-performing results-driven achievers. You can find valuable and insightful sales tips over at his blog.

Quote: “Sales coaching is the #1 sales management activity that drives sales performance.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: The Sales Manager’s Success Checklist

Rachel Clapp Miller

Rachel Clapp Miller

Director of Digital Engagement, Force Management


Why she made the list: As Force Management’s Director of Digital Engagment, Rachel Clapp Miller is in charge of pumping out one quality sales article after another for The Command Center, Force Management’s Blog. Covering topics ranging from effective sales management to increased productivity tips, you can always find something of value in Rachel’s content.

Quote: “Two of a sales organization’s greatest competitors are the buyer’s option to simply “do nothing”, or “do it internally.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Five Sales Best Practices That Will Make Your Competitor Nervous

Don Cooper

Don Cooper

Sales Trainer, Speaker, and Coach,


Why he made the list: Known as “The Sales Heretic,” Don Cooper prides himself on original thinking that drives sales. For sales professionals who are frustrated with the status quo of ineffective sales training, Don offers a refreshing take on sales training that’s both dynamic and effective. He covers lead generation, social selling, pricing and more on his blog at

Quote: “Whatever you sell, there are lots of companies who also sell it. Why should prospects choose you?” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Five Sales Lessons from Five Guys

Sharon Drew Morgen

Sharon Drew Morgen

Author and Sales Consultant,


Why she made the list: With a focus on effective communication and facilitative decision making as a driver for increased sales, Sharon Drew Morgen helps sales leaders navigate the ever-changing buying-decision path. Sharon Drew has written 9 books, including the New York Times Best-seller, Selling With Integrity, and has taught her own sales methodology, Buying Facilitation to over 25,000 sales people. Her latest book, What? Did you really say what I think I heard?, is available for free on her site and covers how to close the gaps between what’s said and what’s heard.

Quote: “A buying decision is not a whim. Everyone who will touch the solution needs to have their voices included.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Steps along the Buying Decision Path

Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount

Author, Speaker and CEO,


Why he made the list: As founder of, Jeb Blount offers a refreshing take on what successful selling should look like. He’s authored five books on sales and leadership and regularly offers strategic advice on how to develop interpersonal relationships for success in sales, leadership, and account management.

Quote: “People buy for their reasons not yours. This is why listening rather than pitching is the real secret to success in sales.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: When It Is Time to Go Home, Make One More Call

Colleen Stanley

Colleen Stanley

President and Chief Selling Officer, SalesLeadership Inc.


Why she made the list: Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, Inc, a sales acceleration and business development company. Described as a combination of Marine Drill Sergeant, Mother Theresa, and a stand-up comic, Colleen has a special focus on developing emotional intelligence as a growth driver. She’s also the author of two books, Growing Great Sales Teams and Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success.

Quote: “In scaling and building a company, it’s no longer how good you are, it’s how good you are at building and training your team.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Fish Where The Fish Are Biting

Alen Mayer

Alen Mayer

President and CEO, Mayer Sales Training and Consulting


Why he made the list: Author of Trigger Events and Selling For Introverts, Alen Mayer shares his unique blend of humor and sales insights on his blog. He’s also taken the best articles from his blog and recorded them to an audio CD called 52 Weekly Sales Tips.

Quote: “Anyone can offer a lower price. But not everyone can attend to their customer’s needs and assist them effectively.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Offer the best solution, not the lowest price

Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart

Strategic Advisor, Sales & Marketing Expert,


Why he made the list: Author of over 16 books on selling, including the international best-sellers The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling, Jim Cathcart has also been inducted into the London/Paris Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame. Jim shares the wealth of his knowledge both on stage as a keynote speaker and on his blog at

Quote: “Lifelong learning is critical to continued success. Make a meaningful difference and never lose this structure in your life.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: 7 Intelligences: What Does it Mean to be Smart?

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

President & Founder, TopLine Leadership


Why he made the list: Kevin Davis is a specialist in finding new ways to to guide and support businesses looking to grow rapidly. As President of TopLine Leadership, Kevin delivers a comprehensive resource of sales information and leadership tips.

Quote: “Don’t let daily “stuff” get in the way of making effective hiring decisions.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: What Kind of Sales Manager Would Abraham Lincoln Be?

Ron Karr

Ron Karr

Keynote Speaker, Sales Consultant and Coach,


Why he made the list: Ron Karr’s well-known book, Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way is based on his signature training program of the same name. As a leader out to transform clients’ businesses, Ron has helped add over a half billion dollars worth of services to his clients’ revenue streams. For ambitious sales executives, his content and book are must-reads.

Quote: “The issue is not your competition. It’s your relationship with the customer and whether or not they feel you have their best interests at heart.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Validation Sells

Brian Farrell

Brian Farrell

National Sales Director and Coach,


Why he made the list: Whether you are looking for advice on social selling or attracting new clients, Brian Farrell offers solid advice on these topics on more. He helps companies whose sales are sluggish as well as those looking to accelerate growth with his insightful and valuable sales tips.

Quote: “If you want to get others’ attention and get them interested in your services, start by giving them your attention.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: How to Feed Your Sales Funnel with Social Media

Nancy Bleeke

Nancy Bleeke

President and Chief Sales Officer, Sales Pro Insider


Why she made the list: Nancy Bleeke is the President and CSO of Sales Pro Insider and a frequent contributor to some of the web’s top sales blogs. Her book, Conversations That Sell, puts the focus of selling back on the people-to-people conversations that count.

Quote: “Most successful people focus their time and energy on high-probability buyers. Skip the others.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Sales Summer Reading List

Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss



Why she made the list: Known as “The Queen of Cold Calling,” Wendy Weiss has made a name for herself as a leading authority on lead generation, cold calling and new business development. Having authored several books, including Cold Calling for Women and The Sales Winner’s Handbook, Wendy provides unique insights that any business leader could learn from.

Quote: “Nothing beats having a real conversation with a prospect.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Is Cold Calling Dead? – New Cold Calling Rules for the 21st Century

Michael Nick

Michael Nick

Author, President and Founder, ROI4Sales


Why he made the list: Michael Nick is the President and Founder of ROI4Sales and the author of three best-selling books, including the thought-provoking Why Johnny Can’t Sell. His blog is full of tips and information for closing more deals.

Quote: “As a sales professional it is critical to communicate with your prospects in their language, a language they will understand.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: The Value of Metrics in the C-Suite

Todd Schnick

Todd Schnick

CEO, The Intrepid Group


Why he made the list: A marketing, sales, and business strategist, Todd Schnick helps organizations create more of an impact through their sales and marketing programs. As a radio host, blogger, and broadcaster, Todd has interviewed numerous industry giants and shares his insights on his blog at

Quote: “We are getting busier. And the world is getting noisier. You simply MUST take a few minutes a day to clear your mind.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: The Problem with Trying to Call 100 People a Day


Trent Leyshan

Trent Leyshan


Why he made the list:

Quote: “Don’t confuse a lack of response – for a lack of interest.”Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Belief is not important, it’s everything
==================================================== –>

Jeff Thull

Jeff Thull

Keynote Speaker, Author, and CEO, Prime Resource Group


Why he made the list: A thought-leader in sales and marketing strategies, Jeff Thull’s 25+ years of experience come through in the content he writes for his blog. Having given over 2,500 keynotes and seminars throughout his career, Jeff offers a compelling blend of sales tips and techniques. He’s also the author of three best-selling books, Mastering the Complex Sale, The Prime Solution, and Exceptional Selling.

Quote: “The amateur salesperson ‘prepares to present,’ but the successful professional prepares to ‘diagnose’.” Click to tweet

Most Widely Shared Article: Critical Skills for Sales Success


So, that’s the list! What did you think? If there’s anyone you think should have made this list, let us know in the comments below!

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    Thank you for including me; I am honored and I am particularly pleased to see so many worthy TSW contributors included. It is an excellent list.

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    Well done David. Loved the write ups, they were fantastic! Added a ton of additional color for readers who may NOT know some of the folks on the list.

    You’ve created a GREAT resource.

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