3 Reasons Why the MEDDIC Sales Process Works


Did you ever give a thought why pilots go through rigorous checklists before they start their engines and take off? That’s right, they have to be 99.9% sure that they are set up for success as even the smallest issues could have a great impact. Once they’re airborne, there’s no option for failure.

Similarly, MEDDIC gives you a checklist for every sales stage, giving you a health check for flying a deal to closure. Just like a pilot, you’ll be able to quickly understand your chances of landing successfully, and might even alert you when you need to step back and take another plane. While the pilot saves many lives, us salespeople can save precious time by planning to recover early in order to succeed in the end and close more deals.

Check out of Google Web Story on MEDDIC here.


When you watch Chinese Dragon boat races, you quickly spot the quick boats just by watching. They have perfect synchronous movements, which allow each paddler to optimize their moving radius for each stroke. It only takes one person to be out of syncf or the entire boat to have no chance of winning.

In sales, you see similar synchronized individuals tag teaming almost seamlessly. MEDDIC gives sales teams the base structure of the process, milestones and a common language to get rid of friction and misunderstanding. It will bundle the individual strengths to a joined force winning the client.


We all have seen complex sales methodologies, in which salespeople struggle to remember and recall. MEDDIC is so simple that it can fit on the back of business card and most of all, can be memorized and lived by sales people.

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