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Rizan founded iSEEit to make a difference for sales people and their managers on a daily basis. His goal was to create a tool that was not only useful for sales, but fun and inspiring to use as well.

When he’s not working to make life for sales easier, you can find him at home playing songs on his favorite acoustic guitar or out on his bike, training for his next triathlon.

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MEDDPICC: Connecting The Dots – PART FOUR

Securing Buy-In from Stakeholders in the MEDDPICC Journey In the previous episodes of our MEDDPICC journey we delved into critical elements such as identifying pain points, addressing broader business issues, nurturing a champion with a vested interest, and ultimately reaching the all-important Economic Buyer (EB). The EB, recognizing the significance of your solution, shares their Read More

Who is the Economic Buyer & How Meeting Them Can Help You Hit an 80% Close Rate | MEDDIC | MEDDICC | MEDDPICC

Meeting the ultimate decision maker (aka Economic Buyer) to secure a deal is nothing new. Experienced sales professionals will always seek to gain access to people high up enough in the org chart to secure their deal.  Although almost all Enterprise sales methodologies such as MEDDPICC, TAS, Value-based selling etc. place a big emphasis on Read More

Operational Rhythm

Building an Effective Operational Rhythm for Enterprise Sales Enterprise sales is a challenging and multifaceted profession that requires salespeople to juggle a wide range of responsibilities and tasks. From pipeline generation and sales calls to campaign planning and customer visits, salespeople must stay on top of a complex and ever-changing landscape to be successful. However, Read More

Compelling Event

Having a compelling event supercharges your sales campaign. It drives urgency at your prospects, accelerates your sales campaign and makes you close value deals without much delay. What do we mean by a compelling event? A compelling event is associated with business pain containing a date or deadline and consequence for the business and/or its Read More