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Why Buyers Have Lost Their Ability to Reach Decisions

Why Buyers Have Lost Their Ability to Reach Decisions  Survey today’s Business-to-Business (B2B) salespeople, you will most likely hear rumblings that selling is more arduous, takes more effort, with more drawn out, longer sales cycles than ever before. What happened? Did customer really lose the ability to make decisions? How can this be addressed by […]

Five Strategies to Achieve Sales Process Adoption Rates of 70% or Higher

  Implementing a best practice sales process has a positive effect on win rates, forecast accuracy, and productivity per sales person. This is especially true for companies with expansion strategies. But, a sales process is only as effective as the sales people’s adoption of it. Is getting your salespeople to change their processes like trying […]

How well does iSEEit help sales teams solve their top 3 problems? We surveyed our customers to find out…

Before we built the iSEEit Opportunity Manager we talked to numerous sales leaders at leading organizations worldwide. As a result, we identified three major problems that most teams are facing: A lack of forecast accuracy A low sales process adoption rate Too much time spent on forecasting and reporting That’s why we created iSEEit – to help […]

iSEEit Receives the Born Global Champion Award

Yesterday iSEEit received the Born Global Champion 2016 award by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. It was inspiring to be recognized amongst 50 amazing Austrian startups that build their business strategy to go global from day one. Mr. Leitl, President Austrian Federal Chamber: “This reward is a thank for the courage building a business that serves clients worldwide, […]

The Problem with the Weighted Pipeline (or how to improve your sales forecast accuracy in Salesforce)

Ever since I was promoted to sales management in the late ‘90s, I’ve been confronted with the measurement of weighted pipeline and forecast methodologies. In case you’ve never worked with a weighted pipeline, here’s a quick summary: Each sales stage is given a certain probability to close – so stage 3 in a 6-Stage sales […]

Cut Your Time Spent on Forecasting in Half

Cut Your Time Spent on Forecasting in Half One of the most painful and time intensive tasks as a sales leader is driving an accurate forecast. Leaders spend up to 40% of their time collecting and qualifying the forecast. Lengthy labour intensive Friday forecast calls, reps complaining about wasted time,  frustration on poor deal qualification […]

How Meeting with the Economic Buyer Can Help You Hit a 90% Close Rate

When I first started out as a sales manager, I had a pretty good close rate – with one record quarter after another. Until one devastating quarter… where almost 50% of my team’s deals either slipped or were lost for good. It crushed us. We couldn’t make any sense of it. After all, we hadn’t done anything different. I spent days trying to […]