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Rizan founded iSEEit to make a difference for sales people and their managers on a daily basis. His goal was to create a tool that was not only useful for sales, but fun and inspiring to use as well.

When he’s not working to make life for sales easier, you can find him at home playing songs on his favorite acoustic guitar or out on his bike, training for his next triathlon.

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What is Lead Qualification and How to Properly Qualify Leads on Salesforce

Are your salespeople complaining about not getting enough qualified leads although the marketing team is seemingly flooding the pipeline with leads which are most probably untouched? This has always been a big topic when it comes to sales. I have personally witnessed many discussions between Marketing Directors and Sales Leaders on the quality of the Read More

Virtual Sales Talks: How TrustRadius Uses iSEEit to Overcome The Lack of Insight from Custom Fields and Rapidly Increase Alignment in a Sales Team

In this episode of our Virtual Sales Talks, we sit down with Alex de Mocskonyi, Sales Operations Manager at TrustRadius. We find out how iSEEit has enabled his sales teams to overcome the lack of insight due large amounts of data entered into custom fields on Salesforce, to help them draw meaningful conclusions to plan Read More

What is a MEDDIC Sales Champion? How to Identify and Nurture Them | MEDDIC | MEDDICC | MEDDPICC

A MEDDIC Sales Champion is the person within your client’s organization who will sell on your behalf when you’re not there. They will guide you through the decision making process, introduce you to key players and decision makers, and alert you if things go wrong. We’ve talked about how to discover real pain points – Read More

Season’s Greetings 2020 from iSEEit

Season’s greetings and happy holidays from all of us at iSEEit! While 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for all us, we’re really thankful that we stood strong and even managed to scale, allowing us to take iSEEit to greater heights. Thank you for staying with us all throughout 2020! We’re glad that you have Read More

Virtual Sales Talks: How Mirakl runs MEDDIC on Salesforce to establish a standardized sales process and scale

In this episode of our Virtual Sales Talks, we sit down with Brendan Walsh, Executive Vice President of Sales at Mirakl, to talk about the importance of establishing a standardized terminology and sales process across the organization in a hyper growth market. Watch the video below and find out how the iSEEit Opportunity Management Tool Read More

How iSEEit Is Beneficial To Sales Reps, Sales Managers and Executive Management

Salespeople like you and I probably have hectic schedules and endless to-do lists. For sales reps, it can be challenging to allocate quality time to properly qualify your deals to drive them to closure. For sales managers, the countless fields in Salesforce could get overwhelming, preventing you from getting any meaningful insight into your sales Read More

Five Strategies to Achieve Sales Process Adoption Rates of 70% or Higher

Implementing a best practice sales process has a positive effect on win rates, forecast accuracy, and productivity per sales person. This is especially true for companies with expansion strategies. But, a sales process is only as effective as the sales people’s adoption of it. Is getting your salespeople to change their processes like trying to Read More