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Cut Your Time Spent on Forecasting in Half

Cut Your Time Spent on Forecasting in Half One of the most painful and time intensive tasks as a sales leader is driving an accurate forecast. Leaders spend up to 40% of their time collecting and qualifying the forecast. Lengthy labour intensive Friday forecast calls, reps complaining about wasted time,  frustration on poor deal qualification Read More

How Meeting with the Economic Buyer Can Help You Hit a 90% Close Rate

When I first started out as a sales manager, I had a pretty good close rate – with one record quarter after another. Until one devastating quarter… where almost 50% of my team’s deals either slipped or were lost for good. It crushed us. We couldn’t make any sense of it. After all, we hadn’t done anything different. I spent days trying to Read More

MEDDIC Sales Qualification Methodology Founder Jack Napoli on How to Enable and Drive Sales Teams

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Napoli, the ‘Godfather’ of the MEDDIC sales process: For those of you who aren’t familiar, MEDDIC is one of the most effective sales methodologies I’ve ever come across for qualifying deals thoroughly. In fact, Jack and MEDDIC co-creator Dick Dunkel used it while at PTC to Read More