About Rizan Flenner

Rizan founded iSEEit to make a difference for sales people and their managers on a daily basis. His goal was to create a tool that was not only useful for sales, but fun and inspiring to use as well.

When he’s not working to make life for sales easier, you can find him at home playing songs on his favorite acoustic guitar or out on his bike, training for his next triathlon.

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MEDDIC: Establish a Standardized Methodology & Gain Confidence in Your Forecast

Looking for a tool that can help you establish a standardized methodology across your sales team and enable you to call your deals with confidence? Watch the video below as 6 sales professionals share how following MEDDIC on Salesforce has enabled them to gain confidence in their forecast! Learn how they were able to adopt Read More

MEDDIC: How to Implement MEDDIC on Salesforce & Call Deals Confidently

Looking for a way to implement the MEDDIC Sales Methodology on Salesforce? Watch the video below as 6 sales professionals share how iSEEit has enabled them to follow MEDDIC on Salesforce in order to guide their sales processes, establish a standardized methodology across their entire sales organization and gain more visibility into their pipeline to Read More

What is Decision Criteria & How to Influence Them in Your Favor to Close More Deals | MEDDIC | MEDDICC | MEDDPICC

Decision Criteria (Dc) is a component of the MEDDICC sales methodology. It is fundamental to how organizations collaboratively decide if and which solution they are going to purchase in order to solve a particular pain or serve an initiative. Nowadays, decisions are not just made by individuals or departments, but by various teams and stakeholders Read More

Virtual Sales Talks: How Acrolinx Uses MEDDIC on Salesforce to Navigate and Guide Sales Processes

In this episode of our Virtual Sales Talks, we sit down with Lesia Kalley, Enterprise Account Director at Acrolinx, to talk about how the iSEEit Opportunity Management Tool has helped her follow MEDDIC on Salesforce in a structured way to help identify gaps in her sales process and what she needs to do to push Read More

Virtual Sales Talks: How Venatas Uses iSEEit to Enable Clients to Achieve 90% Forecast Accuracy

In this episode of our Virtual Sales Talks, we sit down with Steve Reid, Founder & CEO of Venatas to talk about the importance of having a disciplined approach in order to achieve a cohesive team, and how he uses iSEEit to enable his clients to operationalize MEDDIC on Salesforce in order to  achieve a Read More

The 10 Key Traits of Successful Salespeople

Some reps seem to have the golden touch, turning lifeless deals into $1 million opportunities, while other reps couldn’t even get milk from a cow.

How is that possible? What is it that sets these high-fliers apart from the rest?

Here are 10 key ingredients that let successful sales reps consistently close large deals, and how you can help the rest of your team follow suit.

Identifying the Real Pain: How to Effectively Identify Your Customer’s Pain Points | MEDDIC | MEDDICC | MEDDPICC

There is no deal without a pain point. Pain is the driver, the ultimate reason why customers will act and buy your solution in the end. It may not be obvious in the beginning, but there is always a trigger that gets decision makers to buy. It could be something that they need to solve, Read More