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Can the MEDDIC Sales Process Be Improved?

If you’ve ever worked with the MEDDIC sales process, then I’m sure you’ll never want to live without it. It’s simple and clear, focused on the fundamentals of sales and very effective. I’ve personally had crazy growth rates of 50% and higher in times where my competitors were experiencing negative growth. However, MEDDIC only works Read More

A New World of Sales

Until recently, customers seeking business solutions had to ask suppliers for guidance early in the purchasing process, because crucial information wasn‘t available anywhere else. But today customers are better informed than ever before. By the time they approach suppliers, they generally have a clear idea of the problem they need to solve, the solutions that Read More

Some Tips for the Right Sales Attitude

Cultivate the opportunity Determine if the opportunity is worth the investment of time Hypothesize about new ways to engage the customer Infer the scope of the opportunity on the basis of limited information about the customer Asses the customer’s receptivity to insight Make informed assumptions about the customer and its needs Identify atypical sources of Read More