hiring the right salesperson

10 Common Sales Hiring Mistakes – How to Hire the Right Salesperson

Last week, I wrote about the worst hiring experience I ever had, and how it ended up costing my company $4 million in lost revenue – the equivalent of a luxury penthouse.It was an expensive learning experience. But since then, I’ve uncovered a few things about what NOT to do when hiring a new sales rep.Here are 10 common hiring mistakes I made as a sales manager – as well as how to fix them and hire the right kind of salesperson.
bad hire

How A Single Bad Hire Cost Me a Luxury Penthouse

Here's a quick story about the worst hiring decision I ever made, and how it ended up costing me a luxury penthouse.What were the mistakes that I made? And what did I do to make sure it never happened again?
Go Silicon Valley 2015

iSEEit selected as a 'Top Startup' for the Go Silicon Valley Initiative

Vienna, Austria (February 25, 2015) – We are proud to announce…
successful sales rep

The 10 Key Ingredients of a Successful Sales Rep

Some reps seem to have the golden touch, turning lifeless deals into $1 million opportunities, while other reps couldn't even get milk from a cow.How is that possible? What is it that sets these high-fliers apart from the rest?Here are 10 key ingredients that let successful sales reps consistently close large deals, and how you can help the rest of your team follow suit.
salespeople hate CRM

11 Things You’ll Never Hear Your Salespeople Say About CRM

I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand reasons from your sales reps why your CRM sucks.To them, it’s like the developers of the top selling CRM systems got together in a smoke-filled room and thought, “How can we make something that’s the exact opposite of what salespeople need?”So just for fun, we’ve collected a list of 11 things you’ll never hear your salespeople say about CRM.
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iSEEit Recognized as One of “The Top Sales Tools of 2014”

Just a few months after launching, iSEEit has already been recognized as one of "The Top Sales Tools of 2014." See why it's being called "the tool that will change the way salespeople think about and interact with their CRM."
increase close rate

John McMahon's 3 Simple Questions Will Increase Your Close Rate

There are three simple yet powerful questions that every rep should be asking throughout each one of their deals. Know the answers to these questions, and you'll know the chance of closing a deal this quarter. What are they? Read through to find out.
managing your sales process

How to Handle Your Reps' Objections to Your Sales Process

If you’ve ever tried to implement a structured sales process, then I’m sure at some point you’ve heard your reps bash against it.It doesn’t work. The client isn’t complying with it. It’s too complex.And so on…Here is a list of the 4 most common objections to your sales process and how to handle them, so you can do everything you can to boost your team’s overall performance.
sales training wasting money

Why Sales Training Is Wasting Your Money

Out of every $100,000 you spend on sales training, $87,000 is lost after just 30 days. Here's why, and what you can do to protect your training investment.

5 Questions You Need to Answer to Avoid Slipped Deals

It’s a few days before the end of the quarter. Your champion just called. Management has decided to wait until next quarter. The money just isn't there at the moment.

Another deal that's slipped through the cracks. How can you keep this from happening to you?