iSEEit announces 1st native sales app on September 10th

Vienna Launch Invitation

After 12 months of research and development we are finally announcing iSEEit Version 1, a native sales app for iPad and web that helps sales people naturally manage their daily activities and make them better in what they do best.

The event will take place in Vienna on 10.9.2014 at the Cafe Studio, Gredlerstrasse 9, 1020 Wien from 18:00 CET.

Please RSVP here.

We would love to see you there!

Is There a Mobile Sales App For the iPad That’s Any Good? There is Now…

mobile sales app for ipad Finally, the first all-in-one mobile sales app is about to be released. Starting at the end of July, you’ll be able to have a complete overview of all your deals, right from your iPad. With iSEEit’s mobile sales app, you’ll be able to work with all of your contacts, handle all of your tasks, and view all of your deal information wherever you are. Basically, we’ve packed in everything you could possibly need to drive your deals. With our mobile sales app, you’ll have:

  • A comprehensive sales dashboard that shows you all of your deal relevant info upfront
  • An intuitive contact manager that makes it easy to import your contacts and link them to your deals
  • Lead scoring and qualification that helps you focus on the hot leads
  • A built-in sales methodology that let’s you see which deals have the highest chance of closing
  • In-depth deal information, so you can keep track of all the events and milestones that you’ll need to hit on your way towards closing
  • An awesome task manager that keeps all of your tasks and meetings linked to your deals and makes it easy to collaborate with your team
  • Forecasting that’s easy to use and easy to customize
  • And all within an interface that makes iSEEit the first mobile sales app that’s actually fun to use.

What’s even better, we’ll be releasing a web app version of iSEEit early this fall, so you and your sales team can work with a sales tool that will not only work they way you need it, it’ll also keep the back-office happy with all of it’s data. This is just the start, and in future versions our mobile sales app will also come with:

  • A built-in sales playbook that will let share best practices and sales relevant documents
  • A KPI dashboard that will allow you to generate just about any report you would need with just a few taps
  • And… (drumroll please) Offline access

That’s right. You’ll be able to access and edit all of your deal-relevant information whether you are on a plane, in the subway, or right after a client’s meeting.

Because at iSEEit, we believe that sales can and should be fun again, and we want to do whatever we can to make life for sales people everywhere a little easier.

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See What Our Alpha Testers Are Saying About iSEEit

iSEEit Alpha Logo

“Even in the alpha version, this is far smoother than most GA (general availability) software out there…”                                                                                   Stefan Trondl, Sales Director, Austria

We are happy to announce that iSEEit’s Alpha test is off to a great start. We’ve got an international team of sales reps, managers, and executives already testing the app out in their daily lives.

Their job is to make sure that iSEEit not only has the right look and feel, but that it truly makes their jobs easier by reducing administration, increasing productivity, and facilitating teamwork.

And so far, the feedback is better than we could have hoped:

 “This is the first time that it’s actually fun to work with our sales process. What’s really great is that the intuitiveness is there throughout iSEEit… When you enter data in one place, it instantly appears everywhere else you need it. There’s no need to re-enter anything.”                                                                       Olli Krebs, VP Sales EMEA, Germany

“iSEEit has a great look and feel and deep sales insight… It makes you think hard about the progress of your deals: what’s complete, what’s not, and how what’s missing might hold up a timely and successful and closure. Well done.”              Rob Janes, Sales Manager, UK

“It doesn’t take much time at all to accomplish my daily work… iSEEit really takes the complexity out of sales and presents things in a simple, intuitive way. It’s the first time I get the feeling that this is really a tool built for sales.”          Bartek Niwinski, Regional Manager CEE, Poland

The testing team has already contributed tremendously by sharing their ideas on how a great sales tool should work, and we are really looking forward to the launch of our mobiles sales app for the iPad.

Our goal from the beginning has been not only to simplify the work that goes into closing deals, but also to really make sales fun again. That’s why this early feedback is a good sign that we are on the right track.

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