iSEEit Born Global Champion

iSEEit Receives the Born Global Champion Award

Yesterday iSEEit received the Born Global Champion 2016 award by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. It was inspiring to be recognized amongst 50 amazing Austrian startups that build their business strategy to go global from day one.

Mr. Leitl, President Austrian Federal Chamber:

“This reward is a thank for the courage building a business that serves clients worldwide, providing new, innovative products and services that very often act as game-changers in their respective fields of expertise. It is obvious that this endeavour is highly challenging and requires the support of all stakeholders in order to be able to succeed.

Nevertheless the phenomenon of Born Global Champions has grown rapidly in recent years and is now gaining momentum. Austria is a small but excellent exporting nation making 6 out 10 € abroad.”

iSEEit launched the iSEEit Opportunity Management App in January 2015, released iSEEit on in September last year and signed some really successful and fast growing customers in Europe, United States and the Middle East such as Actifio, Fuze, Newscred, Swiftstack and many more…

On behalf of iSEEit, I would like to thank all our customers for their trust in us, our supporters for their belief and most of all the iSEEit team for working early and late hours to serve our international clients around the globe. This award is for you!

iSEEit has been awarded as Born Global Champion by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. From left to right: Christoph Leitl, Rizan Flenner, Harald Mahrer

iSEEit has been awarded as Born Global Champion by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

“The achievements of Austria’s Born Global Champions are simply outstanding. Their success is based on exceptional products and services, true entrepreneurship and inspiring creativity.”

Christoph Leitl, President Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Here’s a brochure with the the rewarded startups.

iSEEit offers B2B selling companies a mobile sales app helping sales teams to qualify and manage their opportunities based on sales methodologies.

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