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Tricentis – Success Story


 Tricentis, a customer that has been using iSEEit’s MEDDIC tool for more than a year, shares why they reached out to iSEEit and how it has helped them reach 80%+ YoY growth.

201309_CW-Portrait_FFTricentis specializes in agile market leading software-testing tools for enterprises and is recognized as the leader in Continuous Testing in both the Forrester Wave and the Gartner Magic Quadrant. It enables companies such as HBO, BMW and UBS achieve 90%+ test automation rates.

Franz Fuchsberger, Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer of Tricentis, was happy to share his extremely positive experience of using iSEEit.

  • The Challenge

Tricentis has been using Salesforce for several years but was not satisfied due to the lack of insight from their opportunities. Driven by a growing sales team spread across the globe, it was time to build a rock-solid structure to improve the qualification of opportunities, which would also allow managers and their reps to use a common language.

It was evident that a structured sales process was the key to success, to scale the business and take it to the next level. “We decided to incorporate the MEDDIC sales qualification methodology into SFDC and found iSEEit to be by far the best tool on the market based on our needs and was the easiest to implement.”

  • Structured Sales Process

For every enterprise deal Tricentis works on, iSEEit visualizes the MEDDIC process on top of the opportunities to identify potential gaps and drive the right next steps. “Since there is a guideline to be followed, both the reps and managers know what to expect and are now better prepared. The whole discussion around opportunities now has more depth and provides better insight than before.”

  • Increased Forecast Accuracy

With the proper qualification of deals within iSEEit, it´s evident what has been accomplished and what is still missing. This drastically increases the forecast accuracy“iSEEit considerably improves the quality of the weekly forecast calls. It helps sales to focus on the right opportunities and eliminate risky or sloppy deals earlier in our sales cycle.”

  • Efficient Business Scaling

With the tremendous pace Tricentis has been growing and adding more sales people, iSEEit plays a crucial role in decreasing the ramp up time and getting sales productive. “It helped us in scaling and achieving 80%+ YoY growth over the last year.”

On top of these benefits, Tricentis recently has been nominated for the Constantinus Award for 2017 mainly due to their remarkable sales onboarding process in which iSEEit plays a vital role. “For our overall success, it is crucial to drive sales behavior and iSEEit ensures increased adoption.”

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