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iSEEit on Salesforce – NEW FEATURES

Looking to scale your team and still retain a predictable, healthy forecast?

Do you collect plenty of sales data using different means, but still lack the insights to qualify your deals?

Meet iSEEit, a native Salesforce app which allows you to visualize your entire sales process stages in structured steps and follow any sales methodology like MEDDIC, Value Selling, Solution Selling and more, enabling you to identify gaps during deal qualification, take corrective next steps in time and close more deals.

iSEEit on Salesforce Features

Sales Process Visualized

sales process visualized gif

Fully Configurable Qualification Criteria

Fully configurable qualification criteria iseeit gif

Fully configurable qualification criteria allows you to identify gaps early on and plan meaningful next steps.

Data Types

Select from a variety of data types such as text input, contact tagging, dates, and picklists.

data type text iseeit gif

Text Input


data type contact tagging iseeit gif

Contact Tagging


data type dates iseeit gif



data type picklist iseeit gif



All data types are fully configurable according to your specific criteria, bringing you more structured insights to manage your opportunities, collect competitive intelligence for marketing or to enable supporting teams to better understand the deal.


Introduce gates to ensure that important deal information is qualified before moving on to the next stage.

gates iseeit gif

If you have stage viable outcomes or triggers that need to be accomplished, you can alert the sales rep that this needs to be completed first.

Risks & Warnings

risks and warnings iseeit gif

Flag deal information as a risk or warning, and instantly find out how this might impact closing your deal on time.

Org Chart

Visually map out your buying center and visualize the relationships between each profile in your account.

org chart gif - iseeit

During your deal reviews, you can now go through the hierarchy in your account and who you should be having conversations with, painting a complete picture of how you should explore the organization to get deep and wide in the account.

identify contacts iseeit gif

Identify contacts who influence close such as champions and economic buyers so you can tag the power base and understand who you should drive meaningful conversations with to navigate your deal towards closure.

Built-in Sales Playbook

sales playbook gif - iseeit

The built-in sales playbook is fully configurable to your organization’s best practices, enabling sales teams to follow a common sales methodology and ensures that the team’s progress is scalable, repeatable and successful

Aggregate View

With iSEEit on Salesforce, you can gain an instant overview of how every deal in your pipeline is doing and drill down on any salesforce opportunity when needed

aggregate view gif


By using simple traffic colors and the qualification score, progress on every salesforce opportunity present in the org can be tracked, which facilitates identifying risky deals earlier in the sales cycle.

aggregate view image gif

This speeds up your forecast calls and reduces slipped deals towards the end of the quarter, resulting in a more predictable forecast based on evidence.

Our global portfolio of clients say that using iSEEit has helped them establish a common language across their entire sales organization, get better at deal qualification, build a more predictable forecast and scale quickly.

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