The Definitive Guide to an Effective Sales Process

There’s no doubt:

The right sales process can make the difference between a sales team that’s shattering its goals vs. one struggling to hit quota.

That’s why we scoured the internet for you to find the best sales process information out there and created:

Sales Process: The Definitive Guide to a Higher Win Rate

This is the go-to resource for anyone looking to build, improve, or transform their sales process.

With contributions from some of the most innovative sales bloggers online, each chapter contains a “secret stash” of sales resources that will help you increase your close rate and generate serious revenue.

Here’s what you’ll find in each chapter:

• Chapter 1: Sales Process Fundamentals – Next-level strategies and approaches from some of the best sales experts on the planet.

• Chapter 2: How to Secure More Opportunities by Uncovering Your Clients’ Pain – The foundation of every deal, with actionable tips on how to uncover the most impactful pain of all.

• Chapter 3: Build Influence and Gain Access With a Champion In Your Account –  The right Champion is without a doubt a sale’s person most powerful ally when closing a deal. Here are some advanced strategies to help you find a Champion and close more deals.

• Chapter 4: How to Avoid Slipped Deals By Reaching the Economic Buyer(s) – If there’s ONE thing you can do to significantly increase the likelihood that your deal will close, it’s making sure you’ve got the Ultimate Decision Maker’s approval. Here some top sales pros share their take on how to do just that.

• Chapter 5: How a Compelling Event Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle – A compelling event can be the most impactful tool in a sales person’s arsenal, but it’s also one of the most underused. Here’s how to leverage the weight of your customer’s pain until they can’t wait to sign the contract.

• Chapter 6: How Mapping Your Sales Process to Your Customer’s Buying Process Can Double Your Win Rate – Failing to account for the customer’s decision process is a major source of lost deals. Here are some of the best resources to make sure your sales process is aligned with your customer’s buying process.

• Chapter 7: How to Reach Triple-Digit Growth by Tracking the Right Metrics – Measuring your team’s performance can be a powerful way of reaching a new level of growth. But what should you measure? And, just as important, what shouldn’t you measure?

• Chapter 8: How a Detailed Closing Plan Can Make or Break Your Deal – In sales, a plan of action lets you hone in on your target while your competition fumbles around in the dark. Learn the value of reverse-engineering a closing plan, and how it can make the difference between shattering your quota vs. struggling to reach it.

• Chapter 9: The Best Step-by-Step Resources For Building a Profit-Generating Sales Process – Now that you’re committed to developing the best sales process possible for your organization, where should you start? Here are 10 step-by-step resources to help you develop the most effective sales process possible.

• Chapter 10: More Proven Sales Process Management Resources – The cherry on top. More advanced techniques to help you make the most out of every opportunity-related action you take.

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One More Thing

We plan on making this a living, breathing resource of the sales community’s best sales process content. So if you have an article or guide that you think we should include, leave a comment below.

But before you do, make sure to grab your free PDF version of this guide.

The PDF version contains 100% of the content and resources found in the web-based guide, plus a bonus chapter: How to Transform Your Sales Process from Good to Great (not found in the online version).

Download a free PDF version of this sales process guide…

Contains a bonus chapter: How to Transform Your Sales Process From Good to Great


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