Customer Talks Part 2: How iSEEit uses MEDDIC to transform and benefit your sales processes

In our last entry, we featured part 1 of our customer talks series, where top sales leaders shared their experiences on how iSEEit supported the roll out of MEDDIC on Salesforce. In part 2 of this special 2-part customer talks series, we dig deeper to find out more about how iSEEit transformed their sales processes and how they have benefited from their implementation of MEDDIC on Salesforce. Watch the video below for the full story! A full transcript of this interview is also available.

iSEEit: How does the management team benefit from iSEEit?

Rob Desmond, Quinyx (RB): Time. Really simply, it’s when we can pull up a dashboard or an opportunity report that has a regular green scorecard next to each one, and when you look at the close date as a first line manager, second line manager or a country manager, you know quickly where to dedicate some time.


Ian Gilbert, Guidespark (IG): For me as a manager or for the managers who work for me, iSEEit allows you to bring those things together and see a combination view and therefore, act on a combination of data that is about both the aggregate and overall effect that is occurring in your pipeline, and the individual points of success, failure, need for more, requirement for less, that contribute to that underlying pattern.

Blake Tablak, Workiva (BT): You understand the pain and understand how it connects to the metrics. You understand how it connects to the decision process and criteria. Have you qualified your champion? We can see all that detail in iSEEit – it’s really important that we be able to do that.

IG: I’ve become more of a support in the process rather than a driver of the process. We get to an understanding of what we’re all trying to achieve together much quicker.


iSEEit: Can you already share some success?

IG: Over the last three or four quarters, a few momentous things have happened in our business that flow directly from our deployment of MEDDIC and our automation of it through iSEEit. We’ve closed the company’s largest ever enterprise transaction and I’m comfortable sharing that that was in excess of half a million dollars of Annual Recovering Revenue (ARR) over a 3-year contract – so about a million five contract wise – which isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things but in the context of a business that started out at about five to seven thousand ARR transactional business, it was representative of a true cultural shift. And when that deal happened, the whole business celebrated – something that they just hadn’t seen before.

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Customer Talks Part 1: How iSEEit supported the roll out of MEDDIC on Salesforce

Have you always wondered how the MEDDIC sales process can be implemented on Salesforce? In part 1 of this special 2-part customer talks series, we sat down with some sales leaders to find out how iSEEit aided them in the seamless implementation of the MEDDIC sales process. Watch the video below to find out more! A full transcript of this interview is also available.



iSEEit: How did iSEEit support the roll out of MEDDIC?

Rob Desmond, Quinyx (RB): With the iSEEit platform, we can very quickly get a glimpse into what gaps we have in the sales process, why we’ve identified specific folks as coaches, champions or influencers. With the org chart and the scorecard, we get a quick glimpse from a forecast perspective on where we should be focusing our time, coming full circle back to how we kicked this off.

Ian Gilbert, Guidespark (IG): As a leader, you often are forcing the dialogue on MEDDIC, and you can do that in the most respectful and collaborative way as you want, but you’re still forcing it and the act of turning MEDDIC into a tool that sales professionals own, use and rely on, is a journey and takes some time. That’s way less true as you embed iSEEit into your salesforce implementation.

Blake Tablak, Workiva (BT): It’s really important that we establish an operating cadence. Salesforce is our system of records, so it makes sense to embed this (iSEEit opportunity management system) into Salesforce.

IG: (iSEEit) begins to put it right into the flow of work for sales people because those are things that you’re still going to do – the qualification review and deal inspection sessions, the training and enablement sessions – they become augmentation to a language or a series of steps that sales people are using naturally moment by moment.


Watch part 2 here!

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How Workiva runs MEDDIC on Salesforce

How Workiva runs MEDDIC on Salesforce

Workiva has implemented MEDDIC on Salesforce through iSEEit’s app early 2018.

Workiva is the leading cloud provider of connected data, reporting, and compliance solutions. Recognized in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant serving  more than 75 percent of Fortune 500® companies.

Blake Tablak, VP Strategic Accounts, shares some insights on why they were looking for a sales tool and how iSEEit helps them drive MEDDIC directly in Salesforce. In the following video, he covers some interesting benefits for both the sales people and sales management- thanks to iSEEit.

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